Sunday, October 27, 2013

~~~Questions that should have reasonable answers, but don't.~~~

1.  What isn't repentance and sin taught BEFORE acknowledging the "sinner's prayer?"

2.  Where is it required for God to answer our prayers in the way we want, WHEN we want it?

3.  Why is it, when God doesn't seem to be doing a thing, we have to do something?

4.  Why are there men advances and women retreats?

5.  Why is there continual changing of the Bible to better serve us and not Him?

6.  Isn't it ironic that when there is conflict, it is the other person who needs changing and not you?

7.  Out of curiosity, why do some worship leaders "feel" to say words to inch out more worship?

8.  Why do many "feel" what the LORD is saying?  If we know Him, shouldn't we KNOW what He says?

9.  If Jesus told the disciples, it is expedient that I go, so the Holy Spirit may come, why don't we ask for the Holy Spirit to come?  Isn't Jesus seated at the right hand of the Father and not coming back until the Second Coming?

10.  Why do we choose to ignore many parts of the Bible?

Jeremiah 6:16a

Friday, October 25, 2013

the demise of America...soon.

As from one of my earlier blogs, I believe America does not have much time left to her as we have know it.  She has too much going against her and very few in the political arena who can help turn it around.  Now that Obamacare is knocking on the door, the economy will have no choice but to collapse under the government's non-budget. 
Millions and, possibly me, will have no choice but not to carry insurance.  The liberals way of collecting money for their own use.  I believe many doctors will leave the profession, and I wouldn't blame them.  Everything the government has run has failed miserably, and sought more taxes to cover up the mess.  Amtrak, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USPS are the main culprits, never making a dime in any one day.
There is one thing that culminates into believing that America's destruction, and maybe the rapture, is right around the time clock.  Some will not take what I am bringing forth seriously, but there is enough evidence that warrants attention.  This is the coincidence of the end of the next seven year period and the blood red moons that come in 2014-2015.  Each one of these moons come on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles, and the end of the seven year timetable is around September, 2015. 
I also believe God's mercy has to an end for America to change because of her leadership.  Democracies in the past of come to an end due to its inability, and unwillingness, to take care of its debt issues.  Our current President, Barack Obama, made a statement as a Senator and quoted failing leadership to raising the debt ceiling, which at that time, was requested around $300M.  Please check how many times he has raised the debt ceiling in his less than five years of office...I believe it is about 4-5 right now. 
Now I will go out on a limb, but I sincerely believe that Obama wants to destroy America.  When someone reads this book:
This should frighten ANYONE who enjoys freedom that only America has.  And we elected him not once but twice. 
For those who did, you have a liberty death wish.  Sadly, the only "opponents" the Republicans had to offer were two moderates.  ( I believe McCain has lost his mind and still getting paid for it, not a trade-off for the state of Arizona.)  Insurance rates going up for EVERYBODY, some still will not have insurance, and many others cannot afford the rates that Obamacare has forced on insurance companies, and I believe this is deliberate. 
A stimulus package that spent almost a cool $1T that went nowhere except the coffers BACK to the Democratic parties, regulations that equaled around 65 PER day for 90 days, from the time his reelection was announced to his second inauguration.  More regulations means more restrictions for ALL businesses.
Muslims have not been proclaimed exempt because of "religious beliefs," but the Christians companies do not have the same right.  Many businesses were given exemptions as well, good chance they are good donors.  Best of all, this is so good, Obama and his administration, as well as select member of Congress, no longer are required to take this catastrophe.
It puzzles me to this day that people are willing to elect a man who has taken every effort to keep his past a complete secret...and do it twice.  If our President can get America destroyed, this will allow Israel no other allies willing to come to her aid, and I believe God knows this.  With no ally, Israel will have no choice but to call on her Creator for assistance, and He will provide it.  America will be judged for her complacency, narcissism, and idolatry.  I am hoping I can get my act together, because the rapture is not far away. 
When America goes, so does some of the world economy.  This will provide the open door for the anti-Christ to step to the limelight and usher in the New World Order.  With no Christians on the planet at that time (I know of the 144k remnant, but there is immediate timetable in Revelations to go by), it will be interesting to see how the world will be without God, and the possibility of the Muslims gaining control once the economy collapses, what direction America will go.
I get the impression that strong liberals are hoping the problems they created will no longer be their problem later in life.  This time around, they will have to answer, and good chance the Christians won't be asking the questions.  Will the young attack the parents?