Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Brother's Big Plans For You

It has been well enough time since my last blog, I have been out of town, and pushing my limits with summer internet classes.  Luckily for me, I was going to take five (NOTE: summer classes are shorter, so they are accelerated, twice as much work in a shorter time) classes, but took a reprieve when a class I already took years ago. 

Considering all the scandals the government, and the current administration has had to endure, do you feel save from the government that was originally built to be fearful of the citizens?  Benghazi, IRS, snooping of the AP and gathering info from Verizon, while denying the major social giants are involved as well.  This government is the best at the child version of "he did it."  

We have politics that are set in place to protect their position in government, and keep them there, whatever the costs.  I do not care what party who you are, I believe 99% of them only care for themselves first.  Note that the government gives itself  "safe modes" for many reasons:
1.  Congress is protected from Obamacare - they know how bad it is.
2.  Congress gives itself pensions and packages when they leave office - pay for the rest of their life.
3.  Recently, they passed a bill stating free speech is restricted around Congress personnel and the State Admin.  Say something they don't agree with, jail time, depending on the "interpretation" of what they heard according to the dictation of the law.
4.  Let's not forget health benefits for their family for the lifetime.

I don't remember the last time I felt unsafe, with everything above PLUS the Homeland Security passing along "information" that Christians are the biggest threat to America.  What to I have to say?  For those liberals who accept that, I can understand, we ARE a threat.  Never mind that the liberal view has been against only one religion (how does it stand against radical Islam) since it got its foot in the door of politics. 
In my most humble opinion, I cannot believe there are still people who accept this governments actions and behavior, and still "trust" them.  I do not trust them as far as the space between my ears. 

Since this is on google, does that make you feel good, if your truly snooping, because you fear what God has in store for you than the citizens you are sworn to "govern."

Lest we forget, the government is getting to the finishing touches on a building near Bluffdale, Utah, that will have enough computer space to store every phone call, every text message, every keystroke for every internet computer and site, of every American.  Why does the government need for this, are we ALL terrorists?  TO bring in the socialist government that Mr. Obama wants, this has to be done.

Feel safe now?

Jeremiah 6:16