Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Women in church leadership

1 Tim. 2:11-15
    Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. [12] But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. [13] For Adam was first formed, then Eve. [14] And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. [15] Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

I am going to step on some toes, because there are many women and some men who take this and find a way to twist this to mean something completely different.  I find it utterly amusing when women take offense to these verses, and attempt to throw the whole ordeal under the bus through a complete change of circumstances instead of taking the verse in context. 
In Paul's time, the preaching would go on and, if a woman (usually a wife) had a question about the sermon, she would go ask her husband.  The problem came about because the women tended to disrupt the preaching from others who were listening (remember, there were no microphones or the like way back then, so just imagine),  Paul must have heard about this since he mentioned it in his letter to Timothy.  Also note  Timothy was being groomed (or already was) a pastor and leader for that church.  So Paul wanted to put an end to this.
Next came the usurping of authority.  This Greek word, authenteo, is only mentioned once throughout the New Testament.  This denotes the general authority that was ordained by God to man.  Its translation is:
one who acts on his own authority, exercise dominion over another, dominate
What Paul is implying is that he does not want woman to take dominion in authority in a role she is not called to be in.  This includes pastoral ministries in a public setting.  Now I know where some of this is going, so I am going to nip this in the bud.  Does this mean women can't have ANY place in ministry or even authority?  Of course not.  Women are great nurturers, therefore they can teach.  Intercessors, administration, apostles, evangelists, even Philip's four daughters were prophetesses.  But the one place they cannot be is in a spiritual authority above man, especially her husband.  Ahab gave up his authority to his wife Jezebel, and she ran with it as far as she could.
Right at the beginning, Adam was created first, then Eve.  Paul later mentioned that it was Eve who was deceived, not Adam.  It isn't to say Adam wasn't at fault, for he gave easily to Eve about eating the fruit, which makes him guilty, but in a different way, for he wasn't deceived by the serpent, but Eve.  Later, God says that it is her desire toward her husband, but he will rule over her (Genesis 3:16).  In simple words, it is in the will of the woman to take authority, but God calls the woman to be under the protection of a man.  As a young daughter, her spiritual protection is her father.  If she marries, it transfers to her husband.  If her husband dies and she is still young enough to bare children, Paul instructs them to remarry.  If they are widows and no longer can bear children, the church becomes their covering.  The only criteria that is not fully mentioned is when her parents pass away before she possibly marries.  I will note that God does call men and women to remain single, so in this case her father remains her covering until he passes away, then it goes to the church.
Many women are appalled that Paul mentions about "being saved (delivered) through childbearing."  Does Paul saying that is all women worth is just creating babies?   No, he is bringing forth the joy that women have, but men cannot, creating and carrying new life.  As I said before, there are many areas of ministry which women can be major parts of, but taking a position of authority within the church that God calls a man is wrong.  Considering that the husband is the authority of the family, this command structure does not disappear when they walk in a church. 
Case in point.  A woman becomes a pastor of a church, while her husband is not.  At home, he assumes authority, but when they go to church, who has authority over who?  As a pastor, she can assume this over her husband (remember Genesis 3:16) but his family authority has not been taken away when he walks in the building.  Now we have conflicting positions.  God is a God of order, not confusion.
Women can be in all ministries except one - authority in public ministry in the church.  Can they be worship leaders?  Sure.  How about Sunday school? No problemo here.  Home Bible studies are not an issue, either, but a pastoral position of authority is usurping, and assuming, a position that God has not called her.  All Christian should enjoy where God has called them to be, not where they WANT to be.  I prefer being in God's will with His blessing than being in another place, and assuming we have it.  According to God's structure, is safer for a woman to be under true subjection and spiritual covering than assume it is hers to have. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Entertainment and Christianity

I watched a YouTube video that a person put together from A.W. Tozer that began to pique my interest. What is more amazing is that Tozer is a preacher that has been with the LORD since around the time I was born, and I am forty-seven.  Yet, did he foresaw what is now happening in the church, or did it slowly began during his time?  Unfortunately, right now I cannot get information of what it was like then to compare now.  But I can tell those what is going on in today's churches.
I have been to a few different churches, ranging from 20 to about 3000 reported members.  I have visited some in the Dallas area, those that met in schools, hotels, others in large buildings.  So, from my standpoint, I can only ascertain what I see, and in no way deciphering all churches in certain numbers in cliques.  So, I will see how I can put the two above paragraphs together.
How has the church changed in the last ten years or so?  I find that a few churches have become more entertainment oriented.  Yes, this has brought in more of the youth, but is it doing them justice?  Is this really bring them closer to Christ?  Doesn't Himself say that if men would lift Him up, He would draw all men to Thee?  Why do we need to do this in the church?  Hasn't the "old way" worked for the last thousand plus years?  Why the change?
Now the worship on many of the bigger churches has turned into a concert, with loud music and flashing lights.  Some are seeking to bring their talent mainstream, and yes, I can see how some of the "bands" have been able to produce cds.  I do also understand that some of these produce music which is uplifting and encouraging, so I am no against this.  Why have we changed the format to more of a concert atmosphere?
Until I find more information, this is based on assumption and opinion, so do not quote me and draw ire as if I basing what I about to say on fact.  How did we start getting "worship pastors, children's pastors, any specialty pastors" today?  Wasn't the old days Senior pastor, then assistant or junior pastors, and "non-classified personnel" in charge of Sunday school classes?  How did this explosion of "pastors" come forth?  More reason, why?  
Sunday school has become entertainment as well for the children.  I remember my family visited a church while we were searching for a home church and we sent the kids to the children classes.  After the service was over, we asked our kids how did they enjoy it.  Both of my kids mentioned one thing - they were the only kids who brought Bibles with them. 
Many churches have degenerated what God has called them to do.  The light is now more closely resembles the world it follows.  It uses more of the secular method to draw people to the pews.  Even much of Christian music follows all of the worldly ways.  Rock came, it followed.  You name it, every time secular music began a new fad, Christian music soon followed.  Now churches use this method to bring the youth into its doors. 
I may sound old fashioned, but I am leaning more to the "Jeremiah 6:16" approach today (I'll let you look it up, if you're curious).  Churches are now exchanging pews for more comfortable chairs, changing the old hymns that enriched Christ and the Cross to more modern versions.  More young people sit in chairs praising Jesus with a latte in their hand, and I have seen some would rather answer their phone rather than enjoy the rest of an easy going sermon, that neither convicts or entices perfecting holiness and desiring repentance. 
Christ wants a pure church when His Father says it is ready to get His Bride.  Seek a church that has a solid foundation, solid teaching, and one that is not afraid to tell the truth, regardless of how much it "hurts." 
A godless man will run from the truth if it convicts him.  A godly man will run TO the truth, so it will free him.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the fools or his followers

This may sound more political in nature but it goes deeper.  I believe I mentioned in one of my earlier blog entries that I cannot see how any Christian can vote Democratic, considering the views and stance they believe in.  They are in open rebellion to God, much is standing in view of what the Almighty deems as sin and abominable, and their next task, I believe, is to rid America altogether of anyone who loves God.  Believe it or not, that is not my beef for tonight.
In the first Star Wars movie made (which was Story IV), Obi Won Kanobi made a statement that has rang through my head all day:
"Who is the more foolish, the fool or the fools that follow him?"
I also want to make another point that not many of us think about, but someone (which I can not recall anymore) preached about in a sermon.  Jesus referred to people as "sheep."  Now, many may reference this to other Scriptures that refer the Son of God as a Shepherd, but it also needs to note about sheep and their characteristics.
They're dumb.

Just for general note, they like to graze, they like to wander, they are vulnerable to wolves when they are alone and/or wounded, and they have to be trained to hear the shepherd.  I also heard that, if a sheep  continually strays away after repeated attempts from the shepherd, the master "breaks the leg" of the sheep.  He then tends to the leg in restoring and healing, and carrying it on the shoulders when the sheep graze other places.  Thus, when this sheep's leg is healed where it can walk on its own, it will "remember" the episode when it thinks about straying again, and returns to the flock.
Back to the dumb remark.  Sheep in general have no way of defending itself.  If there are rams within the flock, protection may come from them, otherwise, most sheep have no protection, except from the shepherd and the hired hand.   You may be thinking, how am I going to tie Star Wars IV and sheep together to finish this off?
God requires Christians to pray for those in authority, but also we may have a righteous government, so we may have peaceful lives (1 Timothy 2:1-2).  How could this be if we elect officials who do not have moral convictions?  Yet, there are believers who will still vote in ways with their heart and not the Spirit.  Why do I say that?  Our heart is deceitful in its own way (Jeremiah 17:9).  Democrats no longer fear the LORD, and fools go from no more acknowledging Him to completely denying His existence altogether.
When mankind steps into his culture, his desire is to promote an atmosphere that glorifies himself, better known as humanism.  He also knows that God will not bend down to worship him, and many find it offensive to give our Creator ANY glory.  So he looks to other "sheep."  These types of people love the accolades of man made worship, but they also have to entice other sheep to follow him.  In times past, many leaders have chosen subtle approaches, while promoting hate against those who oppose this view.  Hitler was a master at this, and he came into power in Germany's greatest time of need - and he seized it quickly.  

As I watched the History Channel, when Hitler was elected, he gave the desperate people what they wanted to hear, all in great metaphor.  While the public glamored over his eloquence, in less than two months, he took over the freedom of the press, the freedom of speech, and squashed the political opposition by sending many to prison.  With this done, he now had free reign to slowly integrate his master race scheme.
NOTE:  The Holocaust and eugenics of mental health patients done by the Nazis was brought forth indirectly by Margaret Sanger's view, who founded the current Planned Parenthood.   Her ideas still resound today through government funding under the guise of women's rights.

Understand, mankind does not learn from history.  It is constantly repeating it, but under a different cloak.  In 1 John 2:16, it says man is enticed by three things - the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.  the devil has been doing this for almost six thousand years.  WHY?  Because it still works.  He treats us like straying sheep, and dupes man into believing it is the need of all worship.  Yet, it indirectly goes to the god of this age.  We cannot learn until we come to Christ and learn to discern in the spirit, and not solely in the flesh (1 Corinthians 2:15). 
To finish, I am totally angry of the issue of Libya and the disdain from the President and his current administration for their handling AND blatant lies to avoid any responsibility for the deaths of four American citizens, including the Ambassador, Chris Stevens.  It has been over four weeks and they STILL refuse to come clean.  Also noting of a recent sting of voter fraud for a Democrat rep. from VA, but the liberal media refuse to report this, and the ignorance of those who chose to vote for anyone these medias outlets support.  Many of them use the ignorance rule - they won't know what we won't tell them.  Sadly, many won't care unless, of course, it affects them directly.  So, the claim here is truly simple:
Are you the fool, or the fool that follows him?
Or are you led by the One, the true Shepherd, who will reign with love, authority and morality soon?
Your choice. 
2 Corinthians 13:5
1 Corinthians 6:14-18, 7:1

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I know the last few blogs it sounds like I have been vetting.   IMO, vetting is to someone, this has been to doctrines and how some of God's creation continue to rebel more openly against Him.  More importantly, how the Bible is being skewed, twisted and misinterpreted to benefit man's will more the God's will.  Doctrines including Word of Faith movement, the Apostolic Reformation, Prophetic Movement (maybe revolution is better suited) are the most widely touted infiltrating the church, due it is glitter and omitting of repentance and obedienceIt may be a few days before I decide (or the LORD places it on my heart) on the next ordeal, what it is, and why some Christians are attracted to them.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

God and the debate

While I was on Twitter last night, the tweets became intense as well as the amount of them was causing my older computer to stop script loading, mostly at the end of the night.  What some people caught but no liberal will care, is the mention of God in the closing statements by Romney but none whatsoever by Obama.  I can easily draw two conclusions from our President concerning this:
1.  He is more concerned of drawing those of non-faith.
2.  He is not a Christian, as he claims.
I can also add #3
Both 1 and 2.
As a Christian, one of the greatest acts you can do to a world that needs Jesus but refuses to acknowledge Him is lift Him for the world to see.  With the outside being the biggest critic, our walk is very noticeable to them. 
Our current President admitted to being a Christian faith, but much of what he has done is proven otherwise. 
1.  Visits mosques, allows Islam based faiths into White House.
2.  His Christian church visits, fewer than five in his entire presidency.
3.  No longer acknowledges National Day of Prayer, but easily accepts those for Ramadam.
4.  No demands Marriage Defense Act to be repealed, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repealed, serving the gay agenda in the workforce.
5.  Signed the Mexico City Accord, giving taxpayer money to foreign countries, to aid with adoption.
6.  Welcomes many who stand for the PRIDE or LBGT companies in to the White House, while ignoring Christian charities and others in the faith. 
This, to me, is all the proof I need to see - our President has shown more allegiance to Islam than  Christianity. 
Considering those who voted for a man they knew little about before the election in 2008, he made sure this information would remain out of public view but showing plenty of money to lawyers (more to keep in occupied in the court system) and executive orders, preventing the "enemies" from using any information against them.  Too many questions that cannot be answered, which is ironic, concerning the technological age today.  Yet, many Christians cannot vote solely on morality.  Why?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Democratic Party

For the last two days, I have been troubled much in my spirit.  I listened to a John MacArthur sermon in which he preached about immorality and how the Democratic Party has literally sponsors and backs much of what God detests.  Worse is around half of the American population (tilts more among women) vote Democrat.  Ironic that I came from an area in NW Wisconsin that predominantly (around 70-75%) Democrat. 

I vividly remember hearing the Democratic convention in Charlotte NC (2012) and they needed to vote on changing their resolution to include God.  I remember the moderator said it needed a 60% yea vote to place God in their statement.  Ironically, he did this vote about three times (I guess hoping that those in attendance would "change their mind," in an effort to attract the religious, who they despise anyway) before it was forced.  Boos rang out from the crowd at this reaction, considering from my view, the nays had the majority.

In this convention, their main focus was to appease the feminists, the homosexual community, and those who are pro-choice.  All three of these types are not ones whose desire is the please God, it is more directed toward humanism and pleasing themselves.  God is their enemy, and if they can remove Him from everything in America, they can claim any success for themselves and promote their views regardless of who you are.

I do not know if it made it out of the Senate, but Senator Al Franken (IMHO, I cannot believe that Minnesota citizens were duped AGAIN by voting for a celebrity with no political experience, with Jesse "The Governor" Ventura being the first) and coincidentally, being elected by a small number of felons that couldn't vote, which was found out later after Norm Coleman resigned the fight.  Anyway, Sen. Franken is now showing his comedic charm, but writing a bill calling for all elementary, most starting in kindergarten, to teach homosexual behavior in their curriculum.  And some wonder why home schooling is on the rise.  As a parent, I should have more of a say on what my children would learn.  Many Democrats and liberals don't care.

I am not saying all liberals are like this, but many are apathetic concerning news.  Many heterosexual liberals don't care of the homosexual community, unless it affects them.  Some will not care if their next door neighbor had an abortion, if their family of six is not affected.  Most love it when religious freedom is slowly eroding away, since their rebellion of God proves their view.  What they won't realize is that, when the religious are squashed (or raptured), those in power will go after somebody.  This reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield famous saying in Caddyshack (well, one of many):
"Now I know why tigers eat their young."

I do not know how Christians can vote Democrat, considering their stance on issues that are in open rebellion with God.  Still, many do.  Are they really voting Biblical values or their own?  Will their views stand up to the holiness of the Almighty?  In moments of this posting will be the start of the second presidential debate.  I truly pray many will watch in consideration to 1 Corinthians 2:15 (paraphrasing)
A spiritual man JUDGES ALL THINGS.



Friday, October 12, 2012

the left gives wonderful news

As I read the news today, some brought forth by the VIP debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.  As much I tried to be unbiased, it became very disturbing it was for our current Vice President continually interrupting his counterpart, and the moderator allowing much of it to happen.  What has become more appalling to me was many who are liberals, don't give a care what the other says, even if it is proven to be truth and fact.  He snickered, sneered, laughed and mocked his way through the debate, yet, people on the left that that is natural and OK.  No longer is courtesy needed, just be loud, be demanding, and make your point heard without return protocol.  Simple is as simple does - it looks like the liberalistic view is 'there is no point in your side, I won't listen' and 'I don't care what anyone else does, as long as it doesn't affect my way of life.'
Nice mentality.  I will only scratch you back if you pay me to scratch yours.
Another story came from a SE Wisconsin where a bus driver continually bullied a kid because his parents were Romney supporters.  Then she mentioned that the kids should have been aborted (doesn't it make you proud to be a free choice American now).  The parents notified the school board and the bus driver was fired, but isn't it amazing how brazen they have become?
A school teacher told a child they could not wear a Romney T-shirt.  Obama and Marx is more acceptable, even Lady Gaga with her sexual appeal, but a Republican who opposes a liberal?  What gall!  I have not found out if this teacher was reprimanded but a good guarantee is the union protected this teacher at all costs.  Gotta protect those donation dollars for the very ones who will save them, no matter what.
Lastly, a Hollywood actress (for some reason I cannot recall at this moment) was being harassed by many liberals, including some of her colleagues, threatening her and calling her names.  Even the same race, you would think would come to her aid because she is black, denounced her support for Romney, saying she is black, she is always a Democrat.  One person's tweet threatened her life...this person took his tweet off but, in this day and age, it was already delivered to the press and he was nowhere to be found for his conduct.
How would Jesus conduct Himself in this conditions?  Considering the Pharisees were always hounding Him, to ensnare Him to making a rash judgment, seemed to always have an answer, and it concerned THEIR heart.  Jesus never compromised His life in any way, so we need to draw a line in the sand.  But we also need to have an ear to hear, but mostly, Jesus spoke the truth.  A natural man will never understand the spiritual aspects of God, therefore, cannot ascertain that part of life.  But the biggest thing is Jesus never argued with a fool (Proverbs 29:9), which many have seen with Biden.  Remember, at the end of the debate he did not believe in abortion but doesn't believe in standing up for it.  His faith is severely compromised, thus, you can't change the wind's direction in debating with one like Him.  Stand your principles, hold your morals and heart close to God, and you can never falter.  Our VP showed no respect for his opponent, no matter how obnoxious they are to us, we do not have to be like them. 
Ryan won, but I hope people vote with their conscience and morals than their minds.  American need to return to her roots.