Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another good can of worms...

Word has spread quickly on Duck Dynasty and the removal of leader Phil Robertson from the A&E program.  As of now, there is no word on what will happen from here but the lines are drawing more distinct concerning the world vs. Christianity.  A&E would rather choose the 2% populous of those in the LGBT community and their coffers than the Christians who support the beliefs.  My quick take on this is I am hoping A&E will remove DD from their lineup and contract, allowing them to go somewhere and their fanbase to better places.  Then let A&E see how far the LGBT community and money will carry them.
The BIGGER dilemma is the aftermath of what is REALLY going on in America.  If those who choose morality speak up, it is quickly quashed bu the media and any liberal minded goon who runs it.  It is fine to mock Jesus, promote songs that bash Christianity, sing of sexual activities and drugs, but those who care are thoroughly silenced.  Free speech is no longer a promise concerning Christians who truly love the LORD, while those demanding tolerance are the ones who promote intolerance to those who believe are the most intolerant. 

How many believe it is fine to just allow the world to slowly take advantage of us?  The enemy knows that a full frontal assault will not work, but the Balaam process is much more effective approach, just do it little by little until the back is against the wall.  By then, there is no leverage left, and the only thing left for you to fight for is your life. 

Yes, in America it will happen.  We just don't look behind us and notice the little ground we have left, and we don't care right now. 

I believe Phil Robertson knew the cost when he spoke those words, and we are seeing it right now.  The liberal minority is demanding their way, and they are getting it.  All it takes is one or two to voice their opinion, and their cry is affecting the justice more than the morality we should be showing in the church.  Our costs seem to be more related to our jobs and materialism than Christ, and eventually our belongings will go, too.  Then what do we have?

Hitler put into motion of getting people to believe he was the Messiah, not literally, but for what the people were clamoring for, they would take anything, and they freely gave it up.  Hitler gladly took it, then found a good blame to pass the buck on for the reason Germany was in such a bad state - the Jews, God' people.  The reason why I bring it up is this is currently happening here in America, though not as subtle. 

We need to fight back before it is too late.  The cost today is a lot easier to lose than your life.  How long will YOU wait...or do you love Jesus less than you thought...

Jeremiah 6:16a

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Modern American Political Party

I am sick of power, or mainly, the abuse thereof.  Congress and the Executive Branch is so full of power that all they want to do is flaunts it and will do EVERYTHING it can to remain in power.  It truly does not care for the American people.
We have a President that does not like America, does not like the Constitution, and finds ways to circumvent the checks and balances in place to prevent abuse to occur.  His administration has hired many Islams, his promotion to protect this religion while claiming Christian, and later fighting against its foundation, is only a portion of what he is doing, and what he wants to eventually do.  He is still hoping that the rest of America will fall into place concerning his rule in the Affordable Care Act.  I believe he was hoping many Americans would remain ignorant for its devastation, and the poor that continually vote Democrat truly do not care, as long as they get their entitlements.  Little do they know they are the frog on the slowly heating water.  By the time they find out, it is too late to get out of the pot.

Religious freedom has been under attack for decades, but in the last few years, it has escalated.  Freedom From Religion in Madison WI, has been amping up its efforts to remove Christianity from US grounds.  It has not attacked ANY other religion base, especially since Obama's administration is filling up with Islamists.  You can promote Muslim religion is public schools but cannot even mention even the word prayer.  Where is the media when a Muslim school gets federal money and does their five times a day prayer, even during school hours? 
Ironic how zero tolerance is built up without the use of common sense.  In schools, you have a gun free zone, but you cannot have anyone near or protecting these schools.  Recently, a six year old boy kissed a girl on the cheek, and the school wanted to file sexual harassment against him.  Where is the reasoning?  Does a six year boy know sexual, or harassment?  The girl even said she didn't mind, but I guess that still constitutes she was harassed.
We have a government that cannot control spending, and they want more.
We have a government that runs Amtrak, it has not made a profit yet.
We have a government that runs loses billions each year.
We have a government that said it finally paid off GM.  It "bought it" with taxpayer money around $100 a share.  It sold it back around $30 a share (maybe). 
Nice profit.
I will never trust any part of government again.  I am not saying there isn't anyone IN government, I do know someone who once served in some governmental capacity, and he is a very nice man.  As far as the federal government, it is all about power.
The glorious indignation of Obamacare becoming law has some Democrats still glowing, and since they have been in power for their jurisdiction for many years, there is very little that can be done to remove them.  The same lies that have brought them to power will keep them in power, because of simple name recognition is enough to keep the votes coming.  Even the stupidity that has evaded their lips amazes me that they still have a position in Congress.
America has become such a selfish generation, and we have a government that keeps growing by the minute.  It continues to usurp its authority, find more authority, and pass laws that will either circumvent its own laws or create ways to prevent the same citizens that oppose them their rights against them.  NSA spying on all Americans, using their "right" as protection.  Their protection, not ours. 
There is a building that is nearing completion in southern Utah that will house enough computer memory capacity that can save every call, every text, every site and keystroke of every American for the next two years.  All for the sake of terrorist freedom, y'all.  And we have politicians that giving to terror organizations our taxpayer money, but say they are protecting our freedoms here.  The President just hired a man whose desire is to give up our international waters to the U.N.  Think about it, this will give any fisherman rights, oil company drilling platforms, and its productivity, to the U.N.
If this isn't a great way to kill the economy, what will?
Oh yeah, there is some common ways to do that as well.  One is to promote regulations galore for the benefit of "business and competition."  Is any normal citizen aware that when the President was reelected until his second inauguration, he proceeded to file almost 6,000 new regulations that are business killers?  Where did he get this unprecedented power?  He has elected several people during times he could not, the courts have ruled against him, yet, these people have not been removed and they are still collecting paychecks.  Congress has no balls to stand up and KEEP him into place, and he will continue to take MORE power.  He will not stop UNTIL he destroys the Great Satan, in which the Muslims call us. 
I can also add Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS-gate, and the ultimate destruction of Obamacare and no one stands up.  Congress acts like it is doing something but doesn't care that their claws were removed by the liberals who now entertain some of the seats.  They have allowed the gay rights committee and their money coffers to dilute any morality.  They have infiltrated the schools and demanded their views and rights be shoved down the throats of children, and teach them that anyone who are conservatives are the ones who wish to destroy the American foundation.  The Constitution is an old relic that has no place in today's modern America, and they want it removed as quickly as possible.  And will all this destruction happening from within, I believe with what Obama is doing is sufficient to keep the extreme Wahabbists from attacking in America.  They don't need to, as politicians, liberalism, and the socialism has slowly taken out the bricks from the walls of America.
I have no doubt that the end times is closer that people realize.  Once the American economy collapses, and it isn't improving.  When over 90% of the jobs created are part time, and the labor department uses it against the employment data.  Companies are now letting many people go or cutting hours to get around the health care law, which does bring something else (or two).
Does anyone remember that Muslims are exempt from the law?  Or that you would pay for services that you won't need.  A single man will need to pay for pregnancy needs, or even a woman who is well passed the ability to have a baby.  Nothing like a woman going in for a mandatory prostrate exam.
Lastly, doctors in California are dropping out of Cover California coverage, because many of them know the governments issues with payment they feel isn't necessary.  If the issues that go on in Canada, with the wait time for surgeries and even specialists is bad, we have seen nothing yet.
Barack Obama knows what he is doing, and he is finding ways to take freedoms, and anyone who atands by his side, wants to remain in power, regardless of where America is going to be, and that is America is the main thing that is keeping the New World Order from entering in. 
Are you prepared for the last days?

They are coming...

Jeremiah 6:16a

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why I Am Getting Turned Off By Church

When I dedicated my life to the LORD, I did not have a church.  Later, I began dating a woman and I started attending a church where her parents went.  After we went our separate ways (more like I couldn't handle it anymore), I was drawn to an Assemblies of God church in Duluth, MN, where I later met my wife at one of its Bible studies.  We left in 2005, as we moved to another city and began a new journey. 
I have attended a handful of churches since then, some getting into the supernatural extreme, others as dull as a rock (from my perspective).  The dilemma is that I have seen so many different walks, and the view being taught in many of these churches end up preaching a gospel that will neither examine their faith nor test their walk in the LORD.  I know my walk is crumbling away, and the problem is I see the neglect of teaching the true nature of sin.
I still remember a time where the pastor asked his congregation of the names of God, and most everyone said Nissi or Rapha.  How come no one mentions Him as Jealous (Exodus 34)? 
Churches has changed so much many pulpits afraid to offend their flock.  You don't want to seem harsh or unloving, do you?  No one seems to care if you are struggling to the point where someone is about to go off a spiritual cliff, and when they fall off, they wonder where they went, but later forget about it. 
Another issue is the birds of a feather mentality.  Everywhere you go there are cliques, and I understand that, but I believe it is worse with believers.  Before service and after, I do notice that the same people are with the same people.  Jesus usually talked about believers as brothers and sisters, not friends.  The last church we attended seemed more this way then anything else, especially those who were prominent in their place there.  Very rarely did we get to talk to any elders or the pastors, they were just too busy to "step down" to meet with other peons like myself. 
I come from a family where my father was gone before three because he was too busy spreading his seed among the world's women.  Currently, I cannot get my mother to call or talk to me on the phone, for some reason she acts like she is jealous I have another woman in my life.  As far as my sister and my cousins, we are not even close to speaking terms (my sister, once in a while).  My mother wouldn't even tell me of her cancer scare, and I live with fear everyday that she may avoid telling me something if it is wrong now.
Not everyone are step forward people when starting a conversation, including me.  I can be straight forward for many issues but if you are waiting for me to start talking to people, very rarely will that happen, including my wife.  (She loves to talk, so why bother be an instigator of conversation in my own house among adults)   I just see many churches are happy with the people they have, and many have no concern for others, as there is no more room for others in the inn.
If Jesus were walking the earth today, would He come to people like me, or others who are shy?  Would some even look outside their clique to get to know another, or are you satisfied with the group of "friends" you have now?  Do some pray who needs a friend, and if God picked you, are you willing to step outside the comfort zone?
I am saddened to watch one of my former churches change to the "good" mentality of the gospel that will never offend you.  I have been criticized for my strong stance against what I fear is not good for the church, and many of the "friends" we knew when we attended are no longer on speaking terms with us.  And this is the love we send IN church as well as OUT of the walls.
I haven't felt welcome at a church for the longest time, and because of our schedule, we can't attend most of the other functions with a church we have been there for the last two months.  I wish I was old enough to be during the older churches before all this supernatural chasing infiltrated many institutions.  How it should happen now.

Jeremiah 6:16a

Thursday, November 21, 2013

War on women OR is it war in MEN?

I downloaded a small book called "War on Men" on my kindle and, interestingly enough, it is written by a woman.  She makes very many points of what is going on today between genders, and it has been going on in the churches as well.
Somehow, society now teaches that women were "kept home" against their will and men were afraid of their abilities.  In times past, men went out to work, women were barefoot and pregnant cooking in the kitchen for "her man."  To be honest, I do understand in America there were things that kept women in place, namely they couldn't vote, they couldn't hold office, not even drive in the early 20th century.  This part I can agree with, but what began happening forever changed how women are being taught in public schools and colleges through liberal viewpoints.
First, we introduce Margaret Sanger, the founder of what is now called Planned Parenthood.  To summarize her, she believed women were being abused in the sexual arena by prpviding big families during the latter part of the 19th century and hated the idea of feeling tied down in marriage (though she was married three times herself, but the reasons are different for sure). 
She began writing articles initializing birth control, for the reason that women should be dictating birth rates.  She wanted women to control men in this matter - in the bedroom.  The beauty of this timing was around the same time that Susan Anthony and other women finally broke through on suffrage. 
Fast forward to the sixties.  Many have heard of the bra burnings that some did, and began the complete claim that women can do the same as men.  Through this, in conjunction with the sexual revolution, this brought the "freedom" women were told they needed to survive.  Today, liberal women are told men are needed in their lives, their career is the most important.  This was the paramount view that society will have on them to be successful.   Abortion rates climbed, as children were no longer sought as they were used to in years past.  If they were "planned," some were raised without parents.  Why should a women be a mother, when a family is no longer constituted as a success story?
Women are being told that men are needed as necessary for themselves.  Need sex, find a man for a spell.  Men are idiots and all they think about sex and sports (yes, tools, hunting and fishing, I agree) but they are now being taught at a young age to touch their feminine side.  Then when these same women are wondering where the tough men are that will treat them like women.  These same men they are looking for are avoiding them at all costs.  Why should they find these women, they will feel like nothing, only at any request of said women.
Even some will use misinformation to showcase their point.  I remember during one of the debates between Obama and Romney where a liberal women quoted an old website on the discrepencies of pay between genders.  Romney corrected her, and found out it was more closer than she thinks ($.96 to the $1 in pay for like positions), but did not mention the other discrepency.  In 2008, out of the millions of jobs lost, over 70% belonged to men   College genders percentages are currently 60/40, in favor of women, for those going for bachelor's degrees.  Those in managerial positions of major companies, the same ratio applies who hold these jobs and above.
And there is a war on women?  More like the war on men.
You can use discrimination if you are woman, race, and now sexual orientation.  Sadly, there is one group that cannot use this, and they are the white adult males.  (Yes, they have age discrimination, but this is difficult to prove, so I cannot include this.)  
Liberal women want families, but they cannot attract those males they want (unless it includes lots of money).  How can they have a successful family structure with a man?  Just get pregnant, and prove you can raise a child without a man.  Yes, some of them can be, but if they can do it without the commitment of marriage, then feminism proves man aren't needed in society.  Just use them to suit your needs.
Today, it has been the war on men disguised as the war on feminism.  Most men still want to work on cars, build things, play sports, do the manly things.  Schools are trying to find ways to dumb down boys and employ them to try what girls did in the past.  The church has allowed women into leadership, seeking the forbidden fruit that God did not want them to have.  Are men better suited for leadership?  In some ways, because men chose to think through logic and not by emotions.  God created women to be soul givers to the children, loving and raising them accordingly.  Men are the spiritual leaders and authority of their family.  With liberal women demanding that authority, there is no satisfaction for these woman to cede the authority God never chosen to have. 
Families are being destroyed.  Men are being attacked by women who said they are no longer needed except for sex, and they are then being called sex addicts.  Children are being born and raised without fathers at a rate of 40% today.  Look at our sad state in America...
Too bad mankind doesn't learn from history, it is too busy seeking to destroy what God creates.

Jeremiah 6:16a 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

~~~Questions that should have reasonable answers, but don't.~~~

1.  What isn't repentance and sin taught BEFORE acknowledging the "sinner's prayer?"

2.  Where is it required for God to answer our prayers in the way we want, WHEN we want it?

3.  Why is it, when God doesn't seem to be doing a thing, we have to do something?

4.  Why are there men advances and women retreats?

5.  Why is there continual changing of the Bible to better serve us and not Him?

6.  Isn't it ironic that when there is conflict, it is the other person who needs changing and not you?

7.  Out of curiosity, why do some worship leaders "feel" to say words to inch out more worship?

8.  Why do many "feel" what the LORD is saying?  If we know Him, shouldn't we KNOW what He says?

9.  If Jesus told the disciples, it is expedient that I go, so the Holy Spirit may come, why don't we ask for the Holy Spirit to come?  Isn't Jesus seated at the right hand of the Father and not coming back until the Second Coming?

10.  Why do we choose to ignore many parts of the Bible?

Jeremiah 6:16a

Friday, October 25, 2013

the demise of America...soon.

As from one of my earlier blogs, I believe America does not have much time left to her as we have know it.  She has too much going against her and very few in the political arena who can help turn it around.  Now that Obamacare is knocking on the door, the economy will have no choice but to collapse under the government's non-budget. 
Millions and, possibly me, will have no choice but not to carry insurance.  The liberals way of collecting money for their own use.  I believe many doctors will leave the profession, and I wouldn't blame them.  Everything the government has run has failed miserably, and sought more taxes to cover up the mess.  Amtrak, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USPS are the main culprits, never making a dime in any one day.
There is one thing that culminates into believing that America's destruction, and maybe the rapture, is right around the time clock.  Some will not take what I am bringing forth seriously, but there is enough evidence that warrants attention.  This is the coincidence of the end of the next seven year period and the blood red moons that come in 2014-2015.  Each one of these moons come on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles, and the end of the seven year timetable is around September, 2015. 
I also believe God's mercy has to an end for America to change because of her leadership.  Democracies in the past of come to an end due to its inability, and unwillingness, to take care of its debt issues.  Our current President, Barack Obama, made a statement as a Senator and quoted failing leadership to raising the debt ceiling, which at that time, was requested around $300M.  Please check how many times he has raised the debt ceiling in his less than five years of office...I believe it is about 4-5 right now. 
Now I will go out on a limb, but I sincerely believe that Obama wants to destroy America.  When someone reads this book:
This should frighten ANYONE who enjoys freedom that only America has.  And we elected him not once but twice. 
For those who did, you have a liberty death wish.  Sadly, the only "opponents" the Republicans had to offer were two moderates.  ( I believe McCain has lost his mind and still getting paid for it, not a trade-off for the state of Arizona.)  Insurance rates going up for EVERYBODY, some still will not have insurance, and many others cannot afford the rates that Obamacare has forced on insurance companies, and I believe this is deliberate. 
A stimulus package that spent almost a cool $1T that went nowhere except the coffers BACK to the Democratic parties, regulations that equaled around 65 PER day for 90 days, from the time his reelection was announced to his second inauguration.  More regulations means more restrictions for ALL businesses.
Muslims have not been proclaimed exempt because of "religious beliefs," but the Christians companies do not have the same right.  Many businesses were given exemptions as well, good chance they are good donors.  Best of all, this is so good, Obama and his administration, as well as select member of Congress, no longer are required to take this catastrophe.
It puzzles me to this day that people are willing to elect a man who has taken every effort to keep his past a complete secret...and do it twice.  If our President can get America destroyed, this will allow Israel no other allies willing to come to her aid, and I believe God knows this.  With no ally, Israel will have no choice but to call on her Creator for assistance, and He will provide it.  America will be judged for her complacency, narcissism, and idolatry.  I am hoping I can get my act together, because the rapture is not far away. 
When America goes, so does some of the world economy.  This will provide the open door for the anti-Christ to step to the limelight and usher in the New World Order.  With no Christians on the planet at that time (I know of the 144k remnant, but there is immediate timetable in Revelations to go by), it will be interesting to see how the world will be without God, and the possibility of the Muslims gaining control once the economy collapses, what direction America will go.
I get the impression that strong liberals are hoping the problems they created will no longer be their problem later in life.  This time around, they will have to answer, and good chance the Christians won't be asking the questions.  Will the young attack the parents?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Having Trouble With American Church, Part Deux

I am not going to go into great lengths with this post, as I went through a few points in the last related post.  Plus, I do not want to take away what the churches have done, namely missions outside of the United States.  What concerns me is bringing the doctrines that is learned from church doctrine and teaching to those who truly need to know God and the redemption at the Cross.
I have heard the changes of my former church and its desire to go more "supernatural" than foundational.  Granted, I no longer agree with the Assemblies of God doctrine in a few points, and watched how many members of that church (those who were members when we were there) no longer associate with me and my wife.  Why? 
Because I speak my mind and many don't want to feel challenged in their walk with Christ.  More though, is they are not taught about many facets of God, but the pulpits concentrate on the grace, mercy and love of God so much that it makes many congregations so comfortable they will never feel the need to examine their faith (2 Corinthians 13:5).
I have pondered many times over the years why I have had few friends, if any.  I had few friends in high school, and we have went our separate ways, as it should.  I never thought that the ones I was closest to would not have any contact me, and have avoided to talk with me since.  I do agree that with new "people" and jobs comes new responsibility, and as a father and husband, I am in the same boat.  These changes from being single to full time dad/husband and or wife/mother is fully understandable can bring new friends, especially when you move.  Just ironic that in today's technology that old relationships can't be renewed for a spell, just for old times sake.

I also have been in the Navy, spending my last three and a half years on the USS Manitowoc, but I attained a few friends there.  One I have been interested in finding out where he is, but to no success.  I have found a few others, but they don't seem much into wanting to see where my life is, either.  Same goes for some work, as much of my last employment I worked alone. 

The difficulty is the "born again" family.  When I re-dedicated my life to the LORD, I was drawn to a church, where I later married my wife and became a member until we moved in 2005.  I was involved in a Bible study (two of them) for about two to three years and met many people.  What is struggled in my mind is how there can be so many different views and doctrines today and if you don't agree totally with them, you don't belong. 

You desire to question authority, you are disrespectful.  You question doctrines, who are you?  You did not go to school, you are not worthy to ask such questions.  You bring up judgment, repentance, and many other "items," you are legalistic and deserve to be stranded in your beliefs.  I have lost many "friends" because I have chosen to re-examine what I have learned and studied Scripture more thoroughly.  I have questioned pastors who have acted like "how dare you?" mentality against their schooling.

It truly saddens me to watch very few "friends" stay connected on my wife's Facebook page.  I do not remember the last time I actually TALKED with anyone outside of my family.  It truly sucks to be alone, but I have made the righteous decision that it is better to walk with God alone than be in company with those who won't accept me anyway.  They have chosen their friends, and someone who thinks they way I do cannot be part of their flock or clique. 

It hurts but somehow it is going to prepare me for the future.  Smith Wigglesworth said that it is one thing to say you have faith, and another to be a tight corner and prove it.  American churches have become lazy, lackadaisical and lukewarm.  They are not tested, they are not battle weary, and many have never had their faith tested.  I am not talking everyone who is a Christian, for many have walked harder, stricter paths than I have.  Nor am I saying I am better in this department, but I refuse to treat God as the owner of a country club.  He is Holy, He is Judge, He is Righteous, He is more than love, grace and mercy.  He deserves more from us, and we are only willing to give Him enough to where we think He will be satisfied.  We chose not to give up what we want most important in our life and claim we have "given it all" for Christ. 
I found the word "reconciliation" in the Greek dictionary from the KJV literally means "to change mutually."  It has also been referenced to the word "exchange."  What is not being taught in churches is the exchange that took place, where God wants us to "exchange" our sinful life for one that is like Christ.  The dilemma is when we want to short change God.  Our exchange today holds little value to the beating and sin offering God placed on the Cross.  It is either all or nothing, and we don't want to give all.  We hope for that our small amount will be significant, but we don't realize that God holds a scale in His hand, and what we give Him He will give equal in return.  Understand this:

We think it is all we need, but God wants to give more, and we always ask more, but we have no room to take it in.  Our "spiritual house" is still full of junk (and I know I am a work in progress as well).  I guess I have reached a point where this fallacy we call church isn't holding much value in our life...and many do not care.  And this is why I have chosen to question things I do not believe are biblical.  And I think this is why I do not have friends.

Jeremiah 6:16a


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why I am Having Trouble with Today's Church, Part 1

My family began making arrangements to leave our last church at the beginning of this year.  Through the death of my father-in-law, the eventual desire to leave was finally made around April.  I couldn't come to some things that do not agree with Scripture and I struggled with it.  This is not to say that this church, or any others that I was part of, was not willing to be obedient or serve the LORD, and this can also be seen as finding mundane things wrong instead of focusing on what is right.  But the other side of the coin is no one would eat a cake if it had only 1% dog poop in it, with the rest of the cake made with the finest ingredients.  I have been having many thoughts recently concerning looking for churches, not a perfect one, for there is no such thing.  Just one that is humble in seeking God through the Calvary. 
What has happened to the Western Church?  Why so much change, especially the last sixty years?  What has changed from what blessed America to now, what seems to be a generation of self-righteousness by lowering standards away from God's holiness?  Some who read this may not agree with what I am about to say, but I have been having a hard time WANTING to look for a church today, as so many places are accepting doctrine that is more appealing to the secular environment than a desire to be in the presence of the Almighty.  Here are things I have been debating in my heart, not any particular order. 
Here goes:

When you place the older hymns next to today's contemporary Christian music, the difference is small to many who don't see it, but it is very major.  The last five Psalms is replete over music as a prime example of worshiping God, and the older songs are strong in this area.  these types of songs have become fewer and far between today, as the praise and worship songs now present how we want to worship Him.  I am having a hard time hearing angels sing how they will worship the Almighty, it is all about Him and who He is.
Many churches are seeking more ways to entertain during worship.  The bigger the church, the bigger the lights, the bigger the amps, the louder the music.  It is meant to invoke the feelings in the younger generation, to have the feel of the concert inside the church walls.  With music that compels us to worship God how we feel instead of complete acknowledgement of His holiness, righteousness, even His judgment, the church is missing what true worship is. 
I watched a short video on this subject, and this person made a better stance "how you feel?" during worship and compare it to "what you know?" during praise and worship.  How you know God is more important than how you feel in the same moment.  In essence, how we know and perceive God will determine how we worship Him.  In times of yore, the belief is how they knew Him.  Today, it is how we feel about worshiping Him.
Big difference.

2.  Very little balance in teachings
This can be touchy, but this also determines how the preacher is as well.  I have been members of three different churches, but not one since 2010.  The one church while we lived in Texas had been different from the pulpit than others, as he said he would use the authority as God instructs him, and he preached as it as so.  I have not heard such preaching in person since we moved back up north, and I have missed it. 
I am not saying that "good" preaching isn't needed, yes, we should be encouraged through the good news in the Bible.  But many pulpits refuse to go after the tougher sermons that allows the Holy Spirit to reprove and correct.  All Scripture is used for reproof and correction, but not many are willing to bring those that their congregation spiritually needs.
Don't want to offend women?  Avoid those about usurping authority and their attitude toward men if not under submission (Genesis 3:16-17).  Sounds too cruel about giving someone living in open sin and "abandon" those to the devil, but it is in the Bible twice (1 Corinthians 5:1-5, 1 Timothy 1:20). 
The offering of the sinner's prayer in today's churches tends to be so powerless, all that is required is the number of those raised hands, not of the soul leading toward discipleship.  We tend to avoid any type of possible humiliation when it comes to someone's salvation, playing it "safe" by providing the congregation as "cover."
At the end of the service, a pastor will give an invitation to any who wants to be in the kingdom.  Some acknowledge "that hand over there," and "I see a hand in the back," ask the congregation to stand, where everyone repeats the sinner's prayer.  Service over, those who raised their hands walk out of the church thinking they are now saved, but no closer to God than when they first walked in.
Jesus said if you will not publicly acknowledge Me before men, I will not acknowledge you before My Father (Matthew 10:32-33).  How come we will not ask these people to come forward and publicly acknowledge Jesus before the congregation?  Didn't Jesus suffer public humiliation that led Him to the Cross?  Without this act, mankind is doomed. 
No acknowledging of sin, just to ask God for forgiveness.  No prayer about changing or repentance, just an invitation of God's love.  No expectations of obedience and His holiness, just join in the crowd incognito and claim the Blood.
One instance I will make is when well-known evangelists went to Africa and claimed over 250,000 souls for Christ.  One person who heard of this decided to follow through after six months to see their progress in walking with the LORD.  They found roughly less than 25,000 still attending church and reading the Bible.  What happened to the other 225,000?
This happened when we visited a former church were my family were members.  At the end of the service was the call for salvation.  Couple hands went up, the congregation stood up, the words went up, when the words were done, we saw one person ask for salvation.  He simply walked out of the church.  There will be a number given on how many "gave their lives" to the LORD, but did they really?  When this happens, the leadership will never know.
One thing I found when I read Charles Finney's book, "Holy Spirit Revivals."  He agitated the souls of those who opposed the work of the revival.  Mr. Finney's expectation was discipleship, not simple conversion.  Today, we have it backwards. 
The other part of this is the emphasis on gifts and manifestations than the message of the Cross.  I have been to conferences and churches where so much was made on manifestations and certain giftings.  One preacher claimed to be "drunk in the spirit," singing "Happy Trails" to the crowd.  Another claims that when the Holy Spirit takes over, she violently shakes her head back and forth until she opens the Bible, then the shaking stops.  Another claimed oil flowed from her "wounds in her hands" that brought forth healing.  One claimed he can control the weather, others mentioned their frequent third heaven trips to the throne of God.  All this while manna, gold dust and glory clouds are signs of God.
I heard many people "prophesying" that they "felt" God was saying what they would say, and this would go on for several people, when the Bible explicitly says for two to three speak, and let the others judge (more on this later).  There is no balance but on the power gifts, and manifestations that does not glorify God but give an illusion that only God is pleased with them.
When asked of those involved with this on what Scriptures support this, then only answer I got was this can't be "directly" interpreted by the Bible, but that there is nothing impossible to God, so this refers to it directly that this is from Him.  Later, we will compare what this doctrine holds to the Hybrides Revival of 1947.

3.  Discernment
There are two places where discernment should always be used in which I am going to talk about.  The third one is spiritual tongues, which should be used as well, but I hope to tie in one of the other two with this.  But before I start, I have seen on media (i.e. Elijah's List), as well as churches and conferences that discernment is needed the most.  For Scriptural reference, there are three verses I would like to use for this discussion:
Romans 14:13
    Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way.
1 Cor. 2:15
    But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.
1 John 4:1
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Understand, many Christians abuse the word judge, and other times it ignores the word similar to it.  The main word for judge is krino, which is used to make a final determination in the spiritual, but discern had two words that can be translated from the Greek as such:
anakrino and diakrino.  Note both have the same root word - krino- but different prefixes.  Let's look at the differences.
From the Strong's concordance:
diakrino, dee-ak-ree'-no; from Greek 1223 (dia) and Greek 2919 (krino); to separate thoroughly i.e. (literal and reflexive) to withdraw from, or (by implication) oppose; figurative to discriminate (by implication decide), or (reflexive) hesitate :- contend, make (to) differ (-ence), discern, doubt, judge, be partial, stagger, waver.

anakrino, an-ak-ree'-no; from Greek 303 (ana) and Greek 2919 (krino); properly to scrutinize, i.e. (by implication) investigate, interrogate, determine :- ask, question, discern, examine, judge, search.
Please note diakrino is separate, to oppose, to withdraw, this could imply to remove by discrimination.  Anakrino means to investigate thoroughly to make a rightful decision.  Both are rooted in making a judgmental call, one is used for separation, the other is to investigate. 
Now that I have laid a base for my discussion, we will see where these need to be in play according to prophetic words and teaching/preaching of the Word.  As I start with the latter, it is very appalling that to see the young generation easily assume that anything spoken at the pulpit is the Word of God. 
I have walked into many churches and very few of the congregation younger than forty never had a Bible.  I am not saying everyone, but a definite majority.  Even more troubling is how many different versions and translations we have currently of the Bible, so there are many dilemmas on how the rightly discern what is being preached today.  Very few people in church check in their Bible to see of the Word is being taught correctly.  It is so much easier for everyone to bring their smartphones, read the verses superficially on the big screen, and walk out feeling "fulfilled" you went to church this week. 
I am not judging preacher's hearts in what I am about to say.  Many do love the LORD but now a pastor goes to Bible college to learn.  Is this wrong?  No and yes.  It is good they learn how to teach, how to lead, but many learn according to the doctrine and denomination of the college.  When they leave, they will continue to teach in the ways of the college. 
Many churches in the Methodist, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches are now accepting what is an abomination to the LORD, and allowing it access to the pulpit.  How did this manage to override hundreds or thousands of years of teachings.  Even the Catholic church has seen a chink in the armor, as Pope Francis quotes about "judging" those living the homosexual lifestyle, as long as they do not let it out of their head. 
How is it that today's preachers and scholars demand they know more than those in the past?  I haven't been able to find it, but there were scholars from different versions of the Bible demand their translation is right on the John Ankerberg Show.  KJV, NKJV, NIV, NLT and I think NASB all were debating, spending quite a bit of time proving the others were not right.  How did this happen?
I remember having a discussion over the phone with a pastor, and every time there was a reproof, he quoted scholars every time. What, no Holy Spirit?  Isn't He the guide to all truth for all?  One thing I learned in the difference between today's English and the language written then, which is Koines Greek.  America's English continues to change and evolve, while Koines is a dead language.  The difficulty is when scholars and other people use current definitions to translate the language of yore.  With ours always changing, eventually the translation will do the same.
Discernment in the prophetic word is almost nonexistent in churches today.  All that is needed is "thus saith the LORD," roll out some words that sound biblical, and you are now a bonafide prophet.  I used to be crazy for this manifestation of the Holy Spirit but with what I have heard, from churches to cell groups to personal givings, I am not testing and being apprehensive of these types of words freely spoken as if they were from God.  We need to judge these righteously, but how?
One is to base it according to Scripture.  Two, base off the works of the Holy Spirit, since one part of prophesying is from Him.  Third, it should glorify Jesus, as this is will of the Holy Spirit.  Fourth, it needs to bring you closer to God (Deuteronomy 13:1-5).  Too much of sounds wonderful, but where does it lead you?  Do you "feel good" about it for yourself?  If that is true, it isn't about you, it is about Him (Jeremiah 9:23-24).

Some leaders flaunt it so freely that anything that resembles "reading their mail" to acknowledging the desires of our heart is not necessarily from the LORD, either.  I have no doubt the devil knows my weaknesses and my heart's desire as well, and if these "good words" keep you dwelling on them and not focused on the Almighty, then this isn't truly a word from the LORD. 
Personal prophecies can be more dangerous, as some are given by those who add or interpret what they feel is from the LORD.  Others that I have heard only "followed" what was said, and seemed to have no validity or originality.  Prophetic words holds power, but many do not realize the enemy would like to distort its worth, and "Make more money," by thus I mean if it is used too much, it loses its worth.
4.  The doctrine of Balaam
We need to note that Balaam is mentioned at least three times in the New Testament, and they are all related, but different in its context.  There is the way of Balaam (2 Peter 2:15), there is the error of Balaam (Jude 11) and the doctrine of Balaam (Revelations 2:14).  I will concentrate on the later, because I believe this has infiltrated many churches, albeit in different methods, depending on the church.
In simple words, Balaam's desire was to get what he wanted, and that was riches.  He was hoping that God would not be watching when he met with King Balak, and he wanted what he had to offer, and he would do anything to have it.  Eventually, he told Balak that be sneaking in to the camp women that would lead them into idolatry, which I believe lead to deaths into the thousands.
Now that we are under a new covenant, God has chosen a different route for mankind, through His Son Jesus, but His hatred for this doctrine hasn't changed.  Doctrines have come in through the side door, and is bringing many of His children into idol worship today.  Even I have fallen into this trap, and it is a difficult one to get out. 
As I mentioned earlier, there are churches that are being influenced more on the signs and wonders, the emergent church, and the Word of Faith movement than ever today.  I am ever saddened by seeing a former church take more grasp on the supernatural than the Omnipotent One.  It seems many churches are now allowing many doctrines that preachers in before the sixties would not dare touch.  We wouldn't claim idol worship as it was in the Old Testament, but it seems we do it while it is still in our heart, and the church is allowing it. 
We as a church now are finding ways to change the image of God in our hearts because we know in our current state we would fail in the sight of a Holy God.  The lower we go in our image of Him, the better we feel in the lifestyle we desire to have.  We are not challenged to be in His presence, but also have mistaken what we term His presence.  Which brings me to number five.
5.  False revivals
I believe the Toronto Outpouring, the Brownsville Revival, and the worst of all, the Lakeland Outpouring, have produced nothing more than people looking for power without repentance.  The church in Brownsville today is some million dollars in debt, and the pastor who was in charge during the "movement" felt a leading for a traveling ministry, leaving while the going was good.  My point is that, if God was involved with this, would He leave His church in this financial state?  We all know the simple answer.
The fiasco of the Lakeland Outpouring led by Todd Bentley has left its mark, and right now he is in South Africa attempting to resurrect his ministry in more revival meetings.  Many named prophets and self appointed apostles made fools of themselves by giving him great prophesies and words without discerning his work behind the scenes.  Rick Joyner desired to make a name again after his error by "gently restoring him" to ministry, all the while allowing Bentley to keep his girlfriend and get married as soon as his divorced cleared the courts.  to finalize how history repeats itself, GOD TV decided not to learn from its mistake and started preempting more programming to showcase Bentley's new attempt at his boot kicking healings.
The Hybrides Revival of 1947 makes no comparison to any of these revivals.  All the aforementioned was more of power, prophetic, and signs and wonders.  The Hybrides Revival was so authentic, there is absolutely NO WORD on manifestations.  More on mercy, holiness, and getting right in repentance through acknowledgement of their depraved soul in the face of a Holy God.  People did not ask for healing, they asked for mercy.  They did not seek manna, people saw their spiritual condition and prayed for repentance.  They were agitated in their minds and souls and they HAD to get right.  It had to be HIM, and there was no other alternative.
People ran to the police station, looking for what was needed to avoid the punishment of hell, and one boy was asked to pray.  He got one word out - "Father" - and the Holy Spirit took over.  Now, when my wife hears someone say that the presence of God is strong today, she says when she sees people running down to the altar in repentance, THEN she will believe it.
I will, too.
6.  Preparing for Tribulation
The world is walking in the last days, and the fading freedoms that America has had is deluded many Christians into a false sense of security.  We believe God is going to protect us in every way, but that is not totally true.  There is one section of Scripture that many fail to realize, because it is another set that is never taught from the pulpit:
Hebrews 11:35-40
    Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: [36] And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: [37] They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; [38] (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. [39] And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: [40] God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

Anyone notice this is the so called "faith" chapter?  How come everyone can go after the first few verses of the chapter, and easily avoid these last few verses?   Because we don't believe it will happen to us  There us another Scripture that Christians should hold in their heart:

2 Tim. 3:12
    Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

I want to look at the last couple verses of Hebrews 11, and compare it to the verse above in 1 Timothy 3, and see where it would lead those trusting in the LORD completely.  For those living godly, they will suffer for it in the world.  God sees it as a good report, and will provide a BETTER thing than what earth can offer.  We tend to focus much on the promise, and not the reward for our faithfulness.   Remember, Jesus says we should store treasures in heaven, for the ones here pale to the eternal.
It will get worse, the Bible says so.  Are Christians prepared to stay the course when the world begins to fully turn on them?  Granted, I do not how ready I am, and there are people being persecuted all over the world, and America has shown little concern, but we will pray for healings and miracles for ourselves.  Don't think it won't make it into America, because it already is here.  It doesn't seem bad now, but it is gaining strength to where it will become more physical than political.
I do not have all the answers, and I do not want to be in a "perfect" church, there is no such thing.  If there were, would they need Jesus to begin with?  I see so much change in the church compared to the writings in Charles Finney, John Wesley, even Smith Wigglesworth in the early twentieth century.  Finney and Wesley saw the depraved soul of the church, and cried out to the LORD to move and be a vessel, and revivals came about from conviction and agitation from acknowledgement of sin in our lives.  Now it is better to sleep a dream a pleasant life in church than live it.  I have struggled as well, so I am no better than others.  It is my heart is searching in a different way for God that what churches are showing.  the church has changed, and I am hoping it finds the err of its ways.  We need a return to the old ways, which was good (Jeremiah 6:16a).  I hope we do not have the response in the second part of that verse (but they would not listen).
Truthfully, I am hoping for a church that holds more value in the way the Bible was taught and led, not as it wants to not to offend.  It is the only true way to attract the sinners and bring a true revival. 


Monday, July 29, 2013

Could this be the big turn in the Catholic church?

I do not have the time right now to go through what Pope Francis has said concerning this.  The link above is for you to check it for yourself.  I will do some quick research myself to see if this will possibly line up with St. Malachy's prophecy of the last 112 popes. 

We are closer than anyone thinks...I wonder if Jesus is sitting at heaven's door ready to come.


Friday, July 12, 2013

How much has changed...points to ponder

1.  In the old times, women used to worry about their future until they were married.  Now some of them complain ABOUT getting married.
2.  Up until the sixties, women routinely wore dresses.  Now, only on occasion.  What changed?
3.  The church had the ability to change the atmosphere around them.  Now the atmosphere around them changes the church.
4.  Government used to fear the people.  Now the people fear the government.

5.  Why are some women today concerned of getting married and not finding "that man?"
6.  The definition of marriage hadn't changed in 5000 years.  Now it is being rewritten (which now I believe will never stay constant).  What has changed?
7.  When I was a teenager, I needed to go out of the house to have a friend or relationship.  Not anymore.
8.  Interesting how the minority claim Constitutional rights against the same rights of others.
9.  Why do feminists today believe they should be treated like a lady when they want to be equal to "one of the guys?"
10.  What would people do in the younger generation when technology no longer works?
11.   If conservatives don't like something, they just don't choose it.   Liberals believe they should rid what they dislike.  If they get rid of all they dislike, would it still be considered "pro-choice?"
12.  Is it more truer than today - that pro and can are opposites, so is progress and Congress?


Friday, July 5, 2013

What happened to the church, more

I decide to take a break from my overbearing homework, and while I was returning from the grocery store, I was pondering on churches.  I have been so busy with my homework and other chores that I haven't had time, but wondered how it came up all of a sudden.
Western churches have some good points but it seems to be slipping fast from the foundation that it once claimed years ago.  Messages and lifestyles have faded from the fear of God and demands to rest solely on its interpretation of the love of God.  It avoids power, repentance and holiness and focuses so much that what it is taught and learned drifts further from the truth each passing time.  It demands sinners sit in the pews without knowledge of sin.  It has them forgiving sin that they don't even know what it is.  We have congregations loving grace but not knowing where its power truly comes from.  Pastors skate their way around the block doing what they can to avoid offending their congregation and those who provide their paycheck.  Problem is are they are really building their kingdom with kingdom material...

Even with the issues I have battled in the last few years, I contemplate the time in Texas where the Holy Spirit showed up for a month, ministering to people and literally shutting down the pulpit while the pastor watched Him work.  Even with the attitude I had around that time it was hard to avoid the Holy Spirit seeing Him minister.  Men from halfway houses were being saved, even a Jewish woman ran down to the altar in mid-service demanding to know Jesus right then. 
I am not looking for a perfect church, there is none.  Some things have changed so much that it is close to being unrecognizable from fifty years ago.  Sin is a dirty word, repentance is a word that seems unpronounceable from the pulpit, holiness standards have been lowered so much that it no longer resembles God's requirements but man's hope it will be enough. 
Today's message of grace and love will not get us to the level God wants us to walk, but we don't care.  We want mercy, but not willing to give it to others when they wrong us. It is sad we are wondering the desert believing we have already crossed the Jordan.  Some haven't left Egypt yet.
Have more later, just a little bit to get off my chest and think where we are actually going instead of wondering how to get back on the path.

Jeremiah 6:16

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Brother's Big Plans For You

It has been well enough time since my last blog, I have been out of town, and pushing my limits with summer internet classes.  Luckily for me, I was going to take five (NOTE: summer classes are shorter, so they are accelerated, twice as much work in a shorter time) classes, but took a reprieve when a class I already took years ago. 

Considering all the scandals the government, and the current administration has had to endure, do you feel save from the government that was originally built to be fearful of the citizens?  Benghazi, IRS, snooping of the AP and gathering info from Verizon, while denying the major social giants are involved as well.  This government is the best at the child version of "he did it."  

We have politics that are set in place to protect their position in government, and keep them there, whatever the costs.  I do not care what party who you are, I believe 99% of them only care for themselves first.  Note that the government gives itself  "safe modes" for many reasons:
1.  Congress is protected from Obamacare - they know how bad it is.
2.  Congress gives itself pensions and packages when they leave office - pay for the rest of their life.
3.  Recently, they passed a bill stating free speech is restricted around Congress personnel and the State Admin.  Say something they don't agree with, jail time, depending on the "interpretation" of what they heard according to the dictation of the law.
4.  Let's not forget health benefits for their family for the lifetime.

I don't remember the last time I felt unsafe, with everything above PLUS the Homeland Security passing along "information" that Christians are the biggest threat to America.  What to I have to say?  For those liberals who accept that, I can understand, we ARE a threat.  Never mind that the liberal view has been against only one religion (how does it stand against radical Islam) since it got its foot in the door of politics. 
In my most humble opinion, I cannot believe there are still people who accept this governments actions and behavior, and still "trust" them.  I do not trust them as far as the space between my ears. 

Since this is on google, does that make you feel good, if your truly snooping, because you fear what God has in store for you than the citizens you are sworn to "govern."

Lest we forget, the government is getting to the finishing touches on a building near Bluffdale, Utah, that will have enough computer space to store every phone call, every text message, every keystroke for every internet computer and site, of every American.  Why does the government need for this, are we ALL terrorists?  TO bring in the socialist government that Mr. Obama wants, this has to be done.

Feel safe now?

Jeremiah 6:16

Monday, May 27, 2013

Change of Pace - Oxymorons

I have had these for awhile, so I figure there are more.  Felt I could put it out there for a small laugh and a change of pace from what I posted in the past.


50. Act naturally
49. Found missing
48. Resident alien
47. Advanced BASIC
46. Genuine imitation
45. Airline Food
44. Good grief
43. Same difference
42. Almost exactly
41. Government organization
40. Sanitary landfill
39. Alone together
38. Legally drunk
37. Silent scream
36. British fashion
35. Living dead
34. Small crowd
33. Business ethics
32. Soft rock
31. Butt Head
30. Military Intelligence
29. Software documentation
28. New York culture
27. New classic
26. Sweet sorrow
25. Childproof
24. "Now, then ..."
23. Synthetic natural gas
22. Christian Scientists
21. Passive aggression
20. Taped live
19. Clearly misunderstood
18. Peace force
17. Extinct Life
16. Temporary tax increase
15. Computer jock
14. Plastic glasses
13. Terribly pleased
12. Computer security
11. Political science
10. Tight slacks
9. Definite maybe
8. Pretty ugly
7. Twelve-ounce pound cake
6. Diet ice cream
5. Rap music
4. Working vacation
3. Exact estimate
2. Religious tolerance (?)
And the Number one top Oxymoron
1. Microsoft Works

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Argument Over Persecution Part 1

2 Tim. 3:12
    Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

dioko, dee-o'-ko; a prolonged (and causative) form of a primary verb dio (to flee; compare the base of Greek 1169 (deilos) and Greek 1249 (diakonos)); to pursue (literal or figurative); by implication to persecute :- ensue, follow (after), given to, (suffer) persecute (-ion), press forward.

I want to look into this in a different light that some people either try to take for granted, or take it to extreme opposite side of the argument.  Some scholars are teaching that persecution is always on the physical variety, such as what Apostle Paul went through.  When I look at the Greek word used for this translation, I cannot see where it needs to imply physical confrontation.  Let's use some definitions in replacement and see if it follows with what Paul is saying.
If we use pursue or press forward, we can assume that those who are godly will be pursued or "pressed forward." According the the NAS New Testament Lexicon, a good definition is to "drive away."  In these references, this verse can be phrased better that the godly will be pressed forward, pursued to be driven away.  It seems it doesn't have to be physical, I believe it can be mental, social, and very much political...I will also add religiously can be in the mix.
America is getting deluged by persecution on a daily basis and every corner of this once great country.  Once the seeds were planted for separation of church and state became the doctrine of government and Christianity, it was only a matter of time before the increase on the rights and beliefs would come to fruition. 
Abraham Lincoln said (paraphrasing) that America is too great to be defeated from the outside, but once the liberties start to erode is when we are no longer great.  What great way to begin this trek is to go after ONE religious belief system.
The beginning was in 1962, when the indoctrination began with the removal of prayer, the Bible and teaching from government and all public schools.  Even today, teachers and students cannot even BRING a Bible or anything related to Jesus unto school grounds.  Military cemeteries are being told to remove crosses from the premises, Ten Commandment plaques no longer shown in front of judicial and governmental buildings, in fear of those who may feel "convicted" in their lifestyle.  And this week, the Pentagon looks to enforce that anyone who promotes Christianity can face court martial.  I believe this will eventually lead to expulsion of chaplains and Christians from the military, thus building an army that will lead to martial law and its enforcement.
My curiosity is why isn't the church fighting back?  Does it have the power, does it care, or maybe a combination of both?  Many Christians are either satisfied to keep their faith in the churches wall and home, while some are still enjoying spiritual milk and haven't desired to put on the armor of God.  Most won't even raise an eyebrow, as long as the enemy doesn't pick on them.  Let me tell you something - if the enemy isn't bothering you, maybe you are not a threat to his kingdom. 
Persecution is everywhere in America concerning Christianity.  Hobby Lobby facing fines while it fights against Obamacare and the stranglehold it demands against their views.  Rhode Island just voted today (May 2, 2013) to legalize gay marriage, becoming the tenth state to do so.  To see how far we have went from the beginnings of America to now, Most of the New England states were very conservative and religious.  Does public school teach on this? 
Many of the current Ivy Leagues schools brought forth pastors and the knowledge of the Bible was a requirement for enrollment.  Not anymore.  Atheists fought to remove Greg Laurie from speaking during the National Day of Prayer.  Some Lutheran, Methodists and Presbyterian branches are now endorsing homosexuality at the pulpit, while claiming to uphold the moral values of the Bible.  When true believing Christians speak up against these views, they are labelled as legalistic by the same ones who are demanding tolerance, because "God loves us all, no matter how we were created."  Let me say this:
1.  Nowhere in the Bible does God's love condone sinful behavior.
2.  It is not how we start the race, because ALL of us could not win it on our own.  It is how we finish, and since God made the rules, it is by His ways that it can be won.
I hope to make my point clear.  America is NOT exempt from the world persecuting God's children.  Look around, if I had the time, you could see it happening at your workplace, public places, even IN your church.  Ironic that people can smoke pot legally in public against the law, and a Christian family faces deportation when it wants to uphold Biblical values and having fines and possibly their children taken away.  We say nothing of Islamic countries burning churches and brutalizing Coptic Christians, and America claims "tolerance." 
I truly believe the worst is coming in the next two years.  With a military possibly devoid of any believers, Congress and local and state lawmakers no longer willing to protect Christians rights within the First Amendment, it is only a matter of time where the freedom we should have to evangelize will no longer exists.  The economy has to collapse someday, this will give the government every right to install martial law and keep the military at home.  No nation will need to attack, they have already done their job internally.  Fear will run rampant, Bibles will be confiscated, churches will either be locked down in fear of retaliations in numbers.  Guns will be taken away, socialism will begin to take hold, and many will depend on the government and to keep you and your family alive by a hair.  God's hand will be totally lifted from this once great nation, and the only thing left to wait for is the Rapture.
Keep this in mind with what is being taught in a way that it becomes unbiblical.  Christians are being told that God will protect them in every way - monetary, physically, emotionally, even socially.  If these people truly read the last few verses of Hebrews 11 (the "faith" chapter), they would see that these people did NOT receive the promises.  These went through the worst of persecutions, the torture type, and don't forget for one minute that won't be possible in America.  The devil HATES Jesus, and he uses mankind against the very thing that can save them. 
I believe the church will be sent underground, because the church has become selfish that the power of godliness it should show to the world it doesn't have.  It is very rarely taught discernment, holiness and how to use repentance for the glory of God.  Believers seek prophetic words to tickle their ears, some yearn for the supernatural manifestations that assumes it is from God, it ignores the full ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the enemy continues to gain ground to the ultimate point where there is nothing left to stand for.
It will increase, it won't necessarily means physically.  It is occurring in America today in workplaces, where people can be passed over for promotions, companies being attacked because their owners and CEO's stand by their faith and called intolerant, atheist groups like "Freedom From Religion" using its clout and size to attack EVERYTHING that has a cross, regardless if it is governmental or not. 
The roses will soon be eradicated, obliterated and the Great Tribulation will begin soon, and the world will start its exclamation that it does not need God to proclaim its dominance, only to bring about its own destruction. 
I fear for my children, and hopes I will have time to train them for this, whether Jesus is more important than their own life.  If anyone needs to be in prayer and for a solid reason, read Revelations and see the damage mankind will do when it does not have God for any guidance.  Jesus said unless the days be shortened...mankind would kill each other off because all it thinks of is themselves, and the devil laughs at the church standing by not having a care for the world around it.
When we are being herded off, when a gun is held to your head, and you wonder why Jesus isn't there to save you, with you stand on your faith or your life?  Will you then look back when you had the chance to take back what ground the church lost, or will you blame others in hope God will see you holier? 
Parting words:
Hebrews 11:36-40
    And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: [37] They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; [38] (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. [39] And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: [40] God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

Maybe it is time to stop looking at "one promise," and look for the "better thing."  So far I believe Apostle Paul obtained a better report, for his faith kept him through all he went through.  There is nothing you earned that you can take to heaven.  What will you have left to stand on? 
Understand this, America is the last thing standing before the final battles against Israel.  When Christians and God are removed from the United States, it will have the massive effect of the enemy running rampant, God's hand of protection will be gone.  Will your faith be enough to stand in front of a gun if this scenario plays out?  It is happening elsewhere in the world, what makes America different in the near future? 
Is you faith truly worth fighting?  Is Jesus worth your life?

Jeremiah 6:16

My Testimony

I will try to do this with fifteen minutes of reading.
My mother and father were married right out of high school.  Father went into the Navy, mother stayed home.  After they got married, my mother found out about her husband's playboy ways, as he got two women pregnant in high school alone.   He never stopped his ways, as he proceeded to gt to Asian women pregnant while still married, and denying that me and my younger sister were even his.  Parents divorced before I was three.
Lived through high school under the single parent and I believe my mother did what she could.  With no father to lead (reasons stated before), I did not know anything about ladies, dating and I was very shy and quiet.  I was hurt by the girls in my neighborhood during my high school days, and my mother feared me getting hurt trying out for sports I wanted to play.  Raised in low income family, we did what we could. 
After trying college and not ready for its challenges, I failed out in two attempts, leaving me with very few options, but I chose to join the US Navy.   The benefits I had was traveling around the world, meeting new people and getting a paycheck.  The cons was I was getting nowhere in advancement, I was cheated out of a promotion and was never given a chance on the direction I wanted to go.  I felt the people I worked along with were not trustworthy, stealing whenever they could, and I could not feel safe for another four years.  So I left.
A year and a half later, domino effect leading to homelessness.  A car accident led to losing my job, where I lost my place, and ended up homeless...for five years.  My mother, family relative, they all deserted me, which later would become a blessing.  I finally found a homeless shelter, where I was in and out for over five years.  During this time, there were mandatory Bible studies and it began to take effect on me,  Sometime in 1993, I asked Jesus to come to my life.  I did not know the Holy Spirit or accepting Jesus as LORD, this will come into play later.
After four years, I began dating a woman who I found to be estranged, but still married.  I fell for the belief she wanted a divorce, so I gave her the money I saved from working a boys camp (note: she still has not been divorced after fifteen years when we dated), and moved in with her.  As can be imagined, it did not work out and I moved out, renting a room.  Soon was my first experience with God. 
I cried out wondering why this was all happening to me.  On my knees, God spoke directly to me and said, "You tried it your way now try it Mine."  I rededicated my life to the LORD that night. 
I dated another woman and things were shaky, but the one that kept it working was my growing relationship with her father, who was a godly man.  Unfortunately, she had an attachment to another man sexually and after sixteen months, I finally cut the ties.  Later did I realize God that He was testing her between spirit and flesh.  She did not choose me.
I wondered if my dream I had around sixteen were I saw a wife and two kids would come to fruition.  I gave up this dream to the LORD and soon after began dating a woman who God led me to pray for while teaching a Bible study on intercession.  She later became my wife of now twelve years.  I also have one daughter and one son, who I love very much and enjoy being a father and husband.
One accomplishment I can say I did that some people say would be difficult.  I graduated WITC-Superior (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College) while in a homeless shelter in 1995 with a 3.75 GPA, which surprised me.  I had rules where I had to be back at certain times, attend Bible studies, and did work studies around my schedule.  Also received my amateur radio license, and was chosen to teach second year students after graduation.  That was an honor I truly enjoyed doing.
I can admit I have struggled with things at time, and it is truly due to all the false doctrines, some I almost got into and spent much time protecting my wife from the full fruition of these works.  With the church under attack, many others using secular methods to attract them to their church and not Jesus, others believing in special manifestations, there is a big fight finding a well-balanced church who is not afraid to preach to a sinner to holiness.  I have had to literally begin to tear some foundation and rebuild, but saddened when more doctrines come more prevalent each day.  I wonder if holiness is ever attainable with all that is going on.  I just want God again in a day and age where He is needed more than ever.
Hope you enjoyed my testimony...

Jeremiah 6:16


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

American Church and the Last 60 Years Pt.2

We have seen so many doctrines infiltrate the churches, it is sorely divided much, and the fight among calling those legalistic, including those denominations accepting homosexuality, dismissing the atonement, apostle and prophetic structuring, supernatural phenomena (manna, gold dust, glory clouds, etc.) and others that I cannot recollect from memory.  Pulpits are afraid to address sin, and unknowingly acknowledge that living secular ways while claiming God's grace is made them ineffective against the enemy.  Repentance is no longer mentioned with conviction, holiness is an afterthought, and many teach your "best life now," but ignore that about trials, tribulations, even how Jesus learned obedience through suffering.
With the world increasing its intolerance toward Christians, some denominations have chosen to cower from the fear of man and embraced its view of lifestyles that go contrary to God's Word and will.  Many ministries continue to find ways to interpret Scripture verses to better back THEIR view.  I have heard teachings about special supernatural portals, which is contrary to what Jesus said:
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6)
Any other way of supernatural is not through Jesus, and does not reach the third heavens, since it is possible for Satan to masquerade as an angel of light. 
Some ministries from the Word of Faith movement proclaim frequent third heaven visits to the throne of God, and it seems they can now do as they will.  Paul was the only one listed in the Bible who mentioned about this revelation, and he refused to boast of this, referring it in the Word as a third party.  Now we have people who claim it regularly.
The Kansas City movement brought forth "prophets" who were inclined to promote their special gifting for specific purposes.  One felt the need for women to rid themselves of an "outer distraction" (aka clothing) for special prophetic words, even to the point of duping his wife this was needed.  Another was caught in homosexuality, went through counseling but proclaimed himself healed, and continues to do his ministry.
The sad part is during the "height" of the Lakeland Outpourring, several of the big names made their way down to Florida to jump on the bandwagon.  C. Peter Wagner, Bob Jones, David Cho, Stacey Campbell, Rick Joiner, et al, made prophetic proclamations over Todd Bentley that he was double honored, he was to be a portal to Europe, they all praised him, while he was having an social affair (who he eventually married after his divorce), drinking on the side and getting more tattoos to better showcase his image of poor upbringing.  What makes me upset is the way they went into damage control instead of simply saying we goofed and did not use discernment.  It showed they were more concerned of their ministry and how people view them then confessing publicly toward God for forgiveness and repentance. 
Now, I know there is general reasons why believers fall for this, and it comes from the flesh.  No flesh likes sufferings, so it wants to accept what the flesh wants.  Flesh don't like persecution, but the word says the godly shall be persecuted.  The flesh doesn't like to go through trials, which tests faith and persevere, but Christians will do anything to avoid these areas in our path, so we take detours.  Prosperity teaches the opposite life of Apostle Paul, and yet preaches what Paul said, but not what he went through.  Benny Hinn recently asked for help for a $2.5M debt, yet he has a mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean and private jet.  How does the prosperity message working to maintain a lifestyle inferior to Jesus and the Apostle Paul? 
Why are pastors afraid of preaching and training those who need to move to solid meat?  How long do spiritual adults should remain on baby milk?  How long will people to seek supernatural but never coming to the truth of those manifestations?  Is this how you can bring in the crowds and leave those coming in the same spiritual condition as the walk out the door? 
Simply put, where is the real Jesus and which hold to ALL His principle, teachings and walk?  After fourteen years of being Christian, I have fallen off the path somewhere and looking to get back, but I do not want to hope on any worn path many have walked that will not lead to Jesus without the tool of humility.  It isn't money I seek, and how I see where America is going, it will be a test of faith that no American citizen who have never faced any struggles like third world countries and Islamic regimes that persecute to death ANY Christian.  America will not know what hit us, and I truly fear the catastrophe that will eventually come, since our government will take a millenium to cover its debt, and God is watching.  How long before God has no choice to judge?  Are you ready?  I am not sure I will, either.

Jeremiah 6:16


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Black and White View - Abortion

While I was helping an author write in his new book, one chapter of his manuscript brought forth Margaret Sanger and the birth and direction of said movement.  Through the editing of selected chapters of "Eradicate" from David Fiorazo (Fe o ra zo), what I learned from this review of the beginnings of Mrs. Sanger and how it evolved into today's Planned Parenthood is astonishing.

To place this in perspective for me, I had no idea of any of this when I went to public school, and why should it?  Not until 2012 did I begin new revelation in retrospect of one person's vision into a billion dollar industry.  Now that there is a doctor who went to great lengths to murder babies even after birth has not made a ping in most liberal media.  The reason is simple: it goes against their lifestyle and very nature.

Margaret was born in a fairly large family, and later came to realization that her mother's death from tuberculosis was brought on by having too many children.  Eventually, she began believing in eugenics, which in her eyes was ridding those who are unfit to live, unfit to have more children, simply, to control the population. 

Her beginning of these views started with the simple foundation of birth control.  Seeing large families while in poverty only fueled her passion to see more of her belief come true.  She slowly began to change her viewpoint in her public writings to involve those who are physically and mentally challenged.  Soon she began to believe in the racial atmosphere, including blacks and immigrants.  This principle began to take affect in Indiana, where eugenics were being performed on mental institutions.  It soon was going on in seventeen others states during the 1930s.

Please note the Nazi extermination of the Jews did not technically start until 1934, the United States was first in performing eugenics.  If you think there is no connection between Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler, you have either not done your studies and decided ignorance is bliss.  Please note this transcript from the following website (

Ernst Rudin was director of the foremost German eugenics research institute (Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy, in Munich, Germany). "On June 2, 1933, [German] Reich Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick announced the formation of an Expert Committee on Questions of Population and Racial Policy .... to plan the course of Nazi racial policy. The committee brought together the elite of Nazi racial theory: Alfred Ploetz, ..... Ernst Rudin, director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy in Munich;...." (4) On July 14, 1933 this committee's recommendations were made law, the sterilization law ("Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring"); the start date for exercising the law was 1 Jan 1934. What was Ernst Rudin's opinion of Adolf Hitler and eugenics ('racial hygiene')?:
Academic William H. Tucker (The Science and Politics of Racial Research, 1994, University of Illinois Press) tells us about Ernst Rudin (p. 121):

In an address to the German Society for Rassenhygiene [Race-hygiene] Ernst Rudin, a professor of psychiatry who was one of the organization's original members and now its head, recalled the early, fruitless days when the racial hygienists had labored in vain to alert the public to special value of the Nordic race as "culture creators" and the danger of "unnatural" attempts to preserve the health of heredity defectives. Now Rassenhygiene [Race-hygiene] was finally receiving the attention it deserved, and Rudin virtually slavered over the man whose efforts produced this change: "The significance of Rassenhygiene did not become evident to all aware Germans until the political activity of Adolf Hitler and only through his work has our 30 year long dream of translating Rassen- hygiene into action finally become a reality." Terming it a "duty of honor" (Ehrenpflicht) for the society to aid in implementing Hitler's program, Rudin proclaimed, "We can hardly express our efforts more plainly or appropriately than in the words of the Fuhrer: 'Whoever is not physically or mentally fit must not pass on his defects to his children. The state must take care that only the fit produce children. Conversely, it must be regarded as reprehensible to withhold healthy children from the state.' (E. Rudin, "Aufgaben and Ziele der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Rassenhygiene," Archiv Fur Rassen- und Gesellschafts- biologie 28 (1934): 228-29
Mr. Rubin has visited Mrs. Sanger and began to endorse her views.  First, her principle was taken in full destruction with German hospitals and institutions, in lieu of Hitler's progress to the master race and returned dominance of Germany.  In only a few years, Germany easily "outproduced" in the eugenics department, later using this same against those the hatred Hitler and Nazi Party had for the Jews. 
Another person adding to her endorsement of eugenics is Lorthrop Stoddard. He took the simplistic view of eugenics, birth control and the Germanic politics of weeding out the worst and strengthening the strong, and used these bonds between Sanger and Hitler to interact and enhance both views. Indirectly, Margaret Sanger was responsible for the Holocaust and an estimated half million in hospitals and mental wards. 
That is NOTHING compared to what the United States continue to do makes the Nazi propaganda look like peanuts.  Once the connection of the German genocide was made known throughout the United States, Mr. Stoddard, the Board of Directors, and Mrs. Sanger saw the need to change the name to better mask their intention.  Today it is known as Planned Parenthood. 

We have abortions estimated around one every 95 seconds.  There has been other mass killings that are not made known through public school teachings, and usually can be found in thorough research on the internet and library, but much of this information is being ignored.  The answer is basically to avoid the product of socialism, communism, liberalism and the links they all have.

Liberal viewpoints level Mrs. Sanger as a hero, a patriot that liberated women from just child bearing machines to those who are "pro-choice."  As females she felt the power for population control and rid the world if deformed humans by showing them they had the will, not the men.  She wanted the decision of the men to be a no factor, that all decision of child bearing belong to the women.  Even those with what she deemed problems. 

Few facts about Margaret that only those who have studied deeply into her life now about:

  • Both her marriages were to rich men and her agenda was to spend THEIR money to advance it.  Just before her death, she spent the rest of her second husbands fortune, and made sure the family connection would be with PP.  A grandson is now head of the abortion factory.
  • Because of the Comstock Law that was in effect, Mrs. Sanger fled the country in fear of jail time.  She later returned when the Comstock Law was no longer effective.
  • She believed in segregation, wanting those of other races not Caucasian to be put on separated lands, and monitored all their lives.
  • Sterilization of those with incurable diseases, including epileptics, mental (i.e. Down Syndrome), and those classified as morons.
Much more is on website that I listed about of her points that she presented to President Woodrow Wilson.  Do not take Mr. Wilson lightly, his view of liberalism in the form of Democratic policies were far more left than America has been taught.  The only struggle that was more present was the war in Europe that began World War I and his isolationism that unfortunately failed.  Only through progressive and constant changing stances through cultural times has brought it to where it is today. 

Planned Parenthood and pro-choice are synonymous in liberal politics.  The argument really became legitimate when Roe vs. Wade court decision made abortion a federal position.  Once the federal government showed the stated money, Planned Parenthood took clinics around the nation, mostly around big cities where racial minorities lived in poor neighborhoods. 

I remember hearing of a statement that follows suit with the above paragraph, and it was made by a liberal by the name of Juan Williams.  He did some research and I believe what he saw astonished him, and he felt he needed to share it.  What was said on the radio (I believe I heard this on the Jerry Bader Show on Green Bay radio) was that 72% of all babies born in black neighborhoods are OUT OF WEDLOCK.  The question I am about to ask is unique in the compliance that many blacks DON'T believe in abortion, yet, these clinics are more prominent in their neighborhood.  What would the percentage be if these abortion mills WEREN'T where they are now?

Now for the conservative view, more importantly, from God's eyes.  life begins at conception.  Heartbeat is soon as six to eight weeks upon conception.  Sad that people see a child as an inconvenience, and obstruction to their lives.  Ironically, there are couples who cannot conceive by natural means and would love to have a child they can call their own and raise.  But mankind chooses to feed the god Malech to substantiate pro-choice. 

Now that liberals have moved forward from opposing Christianity and pro-life, its next agenda is to rid any legal and moral view that stands against their view.  It no longer matters of other's choices as they claim it should be, it has become "our highway" is the only highway.  With this power in their eyes, they will usher in the Great Tribulation with greater urgency in each passing day.  No matter how the child was conceived out of wedlock, God sees life as valuable to the point where He gave His Son for it.  These children should not be punished with death, they deserve life as much as the two who entwined in sex. 

The difference is those who are choosing death over an innocent as correction of a mistake, even though these people should have cared of the possibility of conception.  Sex is now used as a right and not a privilege God has given, to be"fruitful and multiply."  Please note the first part FRUITFUL - it means to bear good fruit, in essence, so this fruit can be passed on the children.  With no morals but your own choice, what will be left to the next generation?

Billy Graham said it best:
If God does not judge America (for her abortion, among others), then He would have to apologize for Sodom and Gomorrah. 
America makes those two cities look like choir boys, and we ask God to bless us.  Just in this week alone, President Obama made a grave error where he asked God (if he is speaking of the God if Israel) to bless Planned Parenthood.  Considering we have a President who views abortion as a right, even after a birth, and then tries to promote gun control for the "safety of the children."  I guess that only applies that don't get aborted.

Last question to ponder for all who read this:  How long before God makes a judgment upon this country, and why is only a few standing against this murder?  Worse, some endorse this while calling Jesus Lord.  Is the one of the reasons why Jesus said unless the days be shortened...

Jeremiah 9:24