Saturday, May 14, 2016

The ONE Weird Jigsaw piece

1 Cor. 12:11, 24
But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.  For our comely parts have no need: but God hath tempered the body together, having given more abundant honour to that part which lacked:

Yesterday, I was compelled to put my two week notice in at my employment.  It wasn't tough at all, for they cut my hours down to the point where a two week stretch I was not working at all.  Zero.  The next thing may be pondering, why am I putting it on blog?  Let me tell you...
I have spent around 40 years of my life trying to please people and be liked.  It didn't matter, at school, at work, around the neighborhood, I tried.  I found out I keep ending up at point A.  More interesting to note.  I find Christians are just as bad as the world when it comes to choosing who they like in their cliques.
I remember "certain friends" would ask me if I finished my homework so they could copy it.  I finally put my foot down and said no, this was the last time I saw them.  Ever.  
I caved in to peer pressure when I was in the Navy.  Began drinking a little more, started smoking, even went to the prostitutes overseas.  I still found myself on the outside.  
About a year ago, I decided to take a step forward and see what I could do about what I know I am called to do and bring it up to the pastor.  What happened made me feel ashamed and there is a good chance I may never again desire to use my gifts within the church walls.  Please note I am not saying "never again" and completely ruling out the possibility of this happening.  
I see more and more churches are building on "who you know" more than "who they are."  I have seen just as much favoring who they know more on who the Spirit wants.  It all depends on how well you can get into the main room of the church and its higher members to use "your talents."
I was at a church where they went out to meet you and get you involved, not to where you post a meeting and get the select few to attend.  I was awestruck that this church, even if it meant to be a greeter at the time, wanted me to serve.  They came out to me.  Later, when I was part of the leadership, I found out how and why.  They kept a list of all those at least semi-regularly attending and got the leaders involved to see what could they do to get the others to part. I find there are usually three types of people going to church: 
  • Those who do not know their gifts.
  • Those who do know their gifts but can't attend meetings.
  • Those who do know their gifts and are not permitted.
The majority who go to church and sit week after week are in the first category.
There are some in the second that want to be part but can't because of schedule conflicts.  Then there is the third, who know what their calling is and there is a rare group within that I will bring up briefly.

I believe there are a select few who are not "normal jigsaw pieces."  There are many pieces that appear to look like others and sometimes the best some do is jam these pieces in and make them fit the best they can.  Then we have some who do not look like that all.  We appear to be the old "Sesame Street" ploy...where out of the four, one is not like the others.  
The Spirit places all the members as HE WILLS.  Today, churches play businesses, we want relational issues to play key roles in our ministries.  I assume this, but nowhere in the Bible does it say this.  We are to judge by the fruit, not our feelings.  It hurts me to see so many people in the church have no part in the church because many have been frozen out.  So many are forced to bury their talents and many don't know what they are.  
I am not a young pup anymore.  I truly do not know whether I will go to heaven first or if Jesus will return, it could be in the next few minutes, tomorrow or a thousand tomorrows from now.  It will be one of the greatest shames to see much of the church squander 75% of the gift and callings in the church for a select few.  Sadly, we are doing it.  
We need to seek God in repentance, humbly on our knees and bring forth all the fruit.  We need to use all members of the Body of Christ, and do it for the glory of God.  Why are churches and leaders willing to waste such a great resource?