Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Path of Least Resistance

Hebrews 5:8
    Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;

2 Cor. 8:2
    How that in a great trial of affliction the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality.

1 Peter 4:12
    Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:

I hold an Associates of Arts degree in electronics from Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College with a 3.7 GPA.  One interesting point I learned from these classes is that circuits are built to get you to have the right amount of amperage and voltage in the right places to get electronics to work.  Also the one thing I learned is that electricity will take the path of least resistance, or at least as much as it could.  The same goes with lightning.  This is the reason that it isn't a simple zap across the sky or to the ground.  There is resistance in the air that causes the electricity to scatter through the atmosphere.
If you watched water run along the ground, it follows the same principle.  A small trickle down the street will show that instead of following a straight path it sometimes zigzags down to its destination.  This principle is taught on golf courses on the greens.  Golfers use this to judge the path the ball with take to get to the hole.
Why do I bring this up? 
I have seen Christians act the same way, by wanting to take the path of least resistance.  So many are taught that God will bless them, prosper them, protect them, even keeping them from sickness.  I even got a "prophecy" that God would just give us money to keep us going in our time of need.  This may be well in good, but we wanted to work and do things as God intended, not sit on our duffs and expect God to give us money.  And yes, we did eventually leave the church.
How is it that we can expect to have the easy way out in a world where the hatred is Jesus runs high?  How can Jesus go through the purging and beating of His life as the Son of God and we can escape any trials and tribulations?   The other question should be asked simply:
     If the Bible talks of trials and tribulations, there MUST be a reason for its necessity.
Another simple factor we need to see is the Apostle Paul.  If you can fathom the life he went through, most on the prosperity message would be appalled.  I am trying this at memory, so please forgive me if I get something wrong or miss something, just a disclaimer I need to make here.
Paul was beaten twice with rods, beaten with cat-o-nine tails, shipwrecked, bitten by snakes, stoned to death (more on this "theory" later), and thrown in prison multiple times.  Does this sound like living a path without trials and suffering?  I challenge anyone in the Word of Faith to live this life in the midst of their prosperity message.  Yet, Paul was responsible for two-thirds of the New Testament writings and God endorsed his letters.
I also have heard of leaders who claim their "portal" in the third heavens, but none of them come even close to how Paul went through to get there.  Most theologians believe that Paul was stoned and left for dead when he mentioned a man fourteen years ago (see 2 Corinthians 12:2).  My question is that Paul was left for dead and the Bible mentions him as the only one to experience the third heavens through this suffering of standing in the faith yet, we can have people who claim this without any sort of spiritual or physical persecution.  What makes these modern people better, or in the same playing field, as the Apostle Paul?
In Hebrews, a simple verse shows that even the Son of Man went through suffering to learn obedience.  WHAT?  Remember, Jesus even prayed that the chalice of affliction would be passed on if all possible.  Yet, He went through the punishment from the Romans brought on by the Pharisees, choosing to be obedient than the path of least resistance. 
I do understand that we are creatures of habit, and I believe none of us would want the path of trials or affliction.  We must decide if these tribulations and persecution are bringing glory to Jesus.  Countless believers have lost their lives in their faith in Christ.  In America, western civilization and materialism has destroyed and belief in many churches on the benefit of trials and tribulations.  Even the world says the godly SHALL be persecuted (2 Timothy 3:12).  We need to examine our faith if you haven't been even the least bit persecuted for Jesus.  Also note, as the last days roll toward the Great Tribulation, the persecution against the church will continue to increase, even in America (and if you haven't seen it in the news, you are not alert to the media's hatred for Christianity.
I do not know how I will react each time these trials come through, but I am to count it joy.  I cannot say I will be automatic when me or my family are facing persecution.  Everyone will not act the same.  Many will give in from the pressure and denounce Jesus to save their own lives.  Many are giving in to the lies of the enemy and preaching it from the pulpits, but very few stand against these false teachings.  As long as churches allow the enemy to use the world to influence the Body, we are unwilling, and unable, to walk through the storm.  There is testing of faith and strengthening through these storms, and many are willing to miss out on increasing their faith.  We become content.  And we wonder why the church no longer influences the world - the world influences the church. 
Our liberty is in the Spirit of God, our abundance of joy comes from Him, not our affliction.  When Stephen as in the process of being stoned, he saw Jesus standing on the right hand of the Father before he passed on.  NOTE:  Jesus STOOD.  He saw honor in this.  How do we desire to be honored?

Jeremiah 6:16


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Removing the Opposition

In 1933, when Adolf Hitler was able to take full power as chancellor of Germany, made three powerful moves within the first two months in office.  First, he restricted the free press and speech of the local and state media.  Second, he limited the use of religion and the ability of freedom of worship.  Third, he went after his political opposition by three means:
1.  putting them in prison as an opposition to the people's choice in office.
2.  Killing them for those he felt would cause the most problem to the Nazi government.
3.  Removing them completely from the country.
In simplicity, the third option was rarely used.
I watched an unbiased documentary (there was no commentary) in Netflix a few weeks back and, upon election, the blame of the country's condition was already placed on the heads of the Jews.  To put things in perspective, after losing World War I, much of the Rhineland was taken from Germany.  Much of the GDP was spent on retribution to other countries thus, their economy suffered and could not recover.  The German mark went through such bad inflation that at one time it would take a wheelbarrow of paper to buy a loaf of bread.  The government literally had to start from scratch again.

While America was cruising in the 1920's, Germany was trying to eke back into the world market.  When the stock market crashed in 1929, Germany staggered back and the Nazi party began its take its place in the government. 
Please note that the Nazi party began around twenty years ago with around 100 members.  By 1928, it had grown into the thousands, and when the election of 1932 came, it was well organized and took many seats and the top seat.  Not until the death of the president was he able to assume full power.  Thus, through the issue of the economy and the failure for the government to move swiftly enough that the Nazi power tool control, with the German's blessing.  This was the eventual beginning of a socialist republic.
In 1938, Hitler annexed Austria without a fight.  Austrians thought they were getting the best of both worlds.  Little did they realize that schools were completely government controlled, the first thing kindergartners were taught was to worship the Fuhrer.  Children were indoctrinated to go against their parents, and the young girls were told to get pregnant for the human race.  Families were destroyed, and the government was able to get the coup d'etat.
Once the government convinced the people to register their guns for safety purposes, it only took a year later for the government to take them away.  Once this was accomplished, the government had full reign.  It went after the Jews and the church in an effort to eradicate its last great opposition.  The church, with the exception of a select few, stood silent, having lost the zeal in evangelizing the good news and confronting those in opposition to its views.  Approximately six million Jews lost their lives, and countless thousands of families were gone.
The old adage that if history repeats itself, man did not learn from that experience is true here as well.  In the sixties, America went through a secular revolution where the church stood idly by.  Rights were taken away within the government and schools concerning prayers and the Bible.  More emphasis was brought forth on man than God, women's rights over baby rights, sexual innuendo over marriage sanctity.  Somehow the church since then has become more concerned over self than spreading His kingdom.
America is heading in the same direction as Germany in the 1930s, albeit in a more modern method.  There are debates over amending or circumventing the Second Amendment, and the continual attack of removing the greatest opposition to man and its evil ways - and that is the Body of Christ.  Now that we are easily in the last days, it will only increase and get worse.
Please not this disclaimer - when I am saying "church," I am not including all churches.  The disturbing thing is that many churches are so self-exuberant and self-seeking that it is not paying attention, nor is able, to fight the necessary battles OUTSIDE the walls.  As I mentioned before in previous posts, there are so many doctrines that the war has been taking placing inside the confines of the Body of Christ, and for modest reasons.  But if it can't stand against the enemy outside, it has no idea that it is giving ground to those in opposition.  This time, it will only grow worse, because the devil knows this is working. 
America is on a path of destruction.  We have elected officials that see no problem thus, believes nothing needs fixing.  We are ignoring the enemy in belief that God will protect us, ask God to bless America in the process of gloating and promoting abominations in His eyes.  And what does some in the church do?

Seek self-gratification and manifestations for our entertainment, and the enemy is laughing.
Will the real church stand up?  Better yet, where IS the real church?  
I wish I had an answer.  Until it arises, the enemy will continue to remove the opposition - the Body of Christ.  In Revelation, the church will finally be removed from the earth.  It would destroy itself, if it wasn't for the return and mercy of Christ.  It is time to start standing for the Word and not ourselves.  A big army is hard to defend, a single person can be defeated.  Which do you want?
Choose wisely.  We are in the last days and we won't get many second chances.

Jeremiah 6:16


NOTE:  I did much. on memory.  If any facts are not 100% right, please forgive me. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Golden calves

Exodus 32:8
They have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them: they have made them a molten calf, and have worshipped it, and have sacrificed thereunto, and said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which have brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.

I placed the above Scripture for the benefit of the article I am writing. I do understand what context the verse is written in, but I hope you will see where I am going. This article pertains to me as well, and the reason is I am no different than any different than any other believer. So here goes...

Many of us have done this and sadly, there are many who continue to do this under false teachings. Many of these teachings are getting more open and more diverse in the way it is deceiving those who hear it. Golden calves are being created at the altar of many churches today. The list seems to grow each day from simple doctrinal error to blatant defaming of the atonement and denial of the blood of Calvary. Sadly, there is no teaching of discernment by the Word of God, and is it because churches are gospel deprived?

Is it possible that churches have become so entertainment-minded that believers are so trustworthy of any sermon that a pastor preaches? Even if the sermon is true, or seems to be true, it doesn't mean that we cannot test the word coming from the pulpit? Or is it just laziness...

Let me make this disclaimer for all reading this. I have not been infallible to what I have just brought forth. I have many times assumed what was being preached is the Word of God. Also note in almost all instances, I am not questioning the heart of those giving this sermons and teachings. I believe these men and women are truly passionate of the LORD, but for me, it is HOW we do this that has some wondering, while others easily and readily accept much, many blindly.

In the above Scripture, Moses was gone on the mountain in the presence of God and has been there for some time. The people were getting restless waiting, and just like us today, they did not want to wait any longer. So they went after those in the next level of leadership (if you read before, Aaron was supposed to be up with Moses, but declined with the Israelites at the foot of Mount Sinai) and requested “something should be done.” To satisfy the people, Aaron requested all the gold earrings from them, melted it down, and crafted a golden calf, even calling it the gods that delivered them from Egypt. The anger of God was then aroused. The ensuing punishment for this form of idolatry was the gold was ground down into dust, poured into water, and those who followed were told to drink from it. In essence, it went back from where it came from.

Today, we are no different. When God isn't moving, as the church is used to, then some need to “find a way” to get God off His throne. But I believe there is one difference, and the devil has taken advantage of it. I have already made note in previous post about special manifestations, so I won't write much more on it. Think about it, many Christians want a God who is more manageable for them, and an incorruptible Almighty is not one where this could be done. These people need a god that they can mold into an image that will not convict them, one that will give them what they want, but will not reprove them but love them for who they are. A god that will not challenge to improve, because they are willing to accept that the blood of Jesus at Calvary has done it for them.

The secular world has its own method, but its final destination is the same. Young adults go to college, and while many are doing the right thing, others spent money to have others do their most important papers to graduate. Once they graduate, some complain that working ANYWHERE besides their devoted occupation is below their standards, and later demand that their loans should be written off. I do understand that some colleges do take advantage of students and these grads do have difficulty finding work in this age, but why can't some take SOME work to pay off their debts. I was homeless for when I graduated from technical college, and while I was trying to find work, I was paying off my student loan from a shelter working there. I did not want that on my record. Now we have college grads blaming all their woes on everyone else, including the government that helped many of them.

The devil is pulling all the stops to take Christianity out of the world. He is constantly working on invalidating the Bible, and collaborating with popular leaders in the church to discredit the atonement done by Jesus at Calvary. Golden calves have exploded all over the altars in American churches today, and we have become bible illiterate in preventing this from happening more and more. Those who speak up against these “new moves of God” are called legalistic and Pharisee. Without listening to those who care, this act of “hard headedness” causes more of the division in the Body.

It sadness me that there are so many different denominations, so many doctrines, so many golden calves that we fight so much among ourselves that we can't come back to the old way that brought forth the church after Jesus was taken into heaven after His resurrection. More saddening is I doubt it will return to such in the first century in these last days. Why don't we return to the way It worked best, not just for the church but for evangelizing? Food for thought...

Jeremiah 6:16

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Charles Finney, Revivals of Yore

NOTE:  I am doing this off memory, so if there is any errors (good chance there will be), then please forgive me.  I am human.

I have a couple books by Charles Finney.  One has been very interesting to me, which is called "Holy Spirit Revivals," which I have read a few times through, and I once in awhile just open up and scan a few pages.  There are times I have sat down, pondering the differences between what happened in his time (this includes Jonathan Edwards and the Wesley brothers) and the "revivals" being promoted in the last twenty-five years.  The change is amazing.  Here are a few.   (I will also the note of the Hebrides Revival in 1947, because much of what occurred then coincides with the early 18th century.)

1.  Manifestations
Jesus said during the time of his speech of the Great Commission of the signs and wonders to those who believe.  These were His words:
Mark 16:17-18
    And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; [18] They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

I have read much about the Hebrides Revival, and remember quite a bit from Finney's book.  I have found NOTHING of what I will recall "special manifestations," which are gold dust, manna, glory clouds, angelic orbs, and the like.  Much was brought forth on preaching the whole truth, sin, repentance and the need to be holy and separate.  Finney quotes many times in his book about those being agitated in the soul, only to come to him because they could not sleep at night and needed to get right with God. 
"Nothing" was safe when Finney was asked to preach.  Lawyers were convicted and saved.  Those who fallen asleep spiritually in church came to know Christ.  Even in his book was mentioned of him going to a factory (NOTE:  He spoke in the third person for this), where a couple people began mocking him, he witnessed to them, through this the owner heard this and closed down the work so they can hear the impromptu message, which many, if not all, were saved that day.  All that was needed was the truth and the Holy Spirit.  Nothing more, nothing less.
Today is marked more of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Bethel Church in Redding, CA, (led by Bill Johnson) has led many Christians to believe more of special manifestations than God Himself.  Understand, I am not judging any one's heart in searching for Christ, but only the direction which cannot be defined in the Bible.  When people are recording and boasting of the S.M. but very little on His presence and holiness, we need to examine ourselves on our motives.  The Great Awakening said nothing, Charles Finney's book says nothing, the Hebrides Revival say nothing.  Yet, when some speak of the Toronto Outpouring, the Brownsville Revival, and the Lakeland Outpouring (maybe I will say my piece on that later), more were related to gifts that God. 
2.  Convictions
Many churches are preaching more of grace than truth.  Pulpits are more concerned with people leaving the church than their condition.  Today, the main reason people run to the altar is to get something, usually prayer, an anointing, or maybe a prophetic word.  Very rarely does anyone see repentance grip the heart of those who need it.  Give me what I want, not what I need.  Any convicting message may lead them out the door, with the sometimes willing tithe.  Those type of people will continue to run until the church they find has no concern of their condition, just a portion of their wallet.  Having a form of godliness, but denying its power, from such, turn away.
3.  Doctrines.
This one has held me for a loop recently.  The reason is doctrines have exploded, and they continue to increase more and more in these last days.  Some are so obvious they can easily be derided, even though they are also starting to gain an acceptance.  Much is to avoid conviction and reproof.  Others are associating with other religions, many are being more accommodating to those living in sin.  Some easily manipulate Scripture to promote a different God that is more manageable.  With many different denominations claiming the Christian band, and growing number of translations of the Bible, is it any wonder the need to see how the old way was, and compare today's churches and pulpits with yesteryear, no imagination is necessary.  I have to literally tear down right back down to the foundation to see where the errors are and rid them, but some are so clever in their "translations," it takes a good reading and trusting the Holy Spirit to distinguish truth from manipulation.
Why did the old ways work so well that we avoid that path, and seek a modern seeker friendly theology?  Why are pulpits so afraid to offend the people with truth when we all desperately need it?  I wish I had an answer, and when God isn't around, this should be a clue...

Jeremiah 6:16


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


After twelve years of marriage, I can honestly say that things are still not kosher in our relationship.  I have found out that time does change how it felt in the honeymoon stage compared to now.  Yes, many things will change - children, jobs, location, loved ones passing away - just to name a few.  Depending on the person and situations, (I forgot stress from work), how people react will affect how relationships can turn.
There was an article I read a few days ago and I found how true it is, including the direction of marriage can go, and how much we leave behind that euphoria, and I will tell you why some marriages dissolve more that being restored.  When it comes with how the social media (TV, music, etc) portrays people, it is little wonder who marriages and families have less fabric and foundation to stand on.
In the article, I read how dating is now affecting the youth and how they perceive the other sex.  Once in awhile I watch a show on Game Show Network called "Baggage," which in the way it starts the show only confirms what I read.  Jerry Springer begins the show asking the contestant  (this is a modern version of "the Dating Game," but with a twist that the contestants have baggage, or issues, that the main person if it is worth the issue in the dating) about what they are looking for in a partner, and most always respond what they want in a relationship.
Back to the article, in which today's society is now being taught about living together to "test the waters of marriage."  Also, the main issue is for these people to look for people that will benefit what they want and need.  Problem is, so is the other person.  Put these two times of personalities together and you may eventually get excuses to get married until the other person confirms to the opposite sides demands.  This usually never works.
The attitude passed on in the Bible makes mention of a "chain of command" through submission.  I also realized that marriage is not "you obey me -I submit to you" mentality, even though this is needed.  The days of yore had a whole different look at dating, and it has all but vanished. 
Years ago when I was first married, I ended up talking with a young woman who was mad over her last relationship, which did not go well.  Reason was she was pushing for a man to be her husband, and he eventually refused to succumb to this pressure.  (NOTE:  She was only nineteen.)  All she was doing was looking for a husband, but she neglected to realize she needed to be readied to be a wife.  She was taken aback, but soon understood how true it was.  Today, she has been married eight years, has a wonderful husband, and a little girl to boot. 
We are now taught to look into a relationship through a future possible partner for what we want and need, but nowhere do we look at how we can be FOR our future partner.  We no longer have the attitude to find a partner that we can help or lead, depending on the gender.  God created woman to be that help mate and companion, since God saw Adam did not have a partner and saw it was not good for man to be alone.  God created us equal, but different.  Man was created to lead the family, but not rule over his wife with a iron fist.  Likewise, the wife is to be the help mate, raise the children int he ways of the LORD, and be submissive as unto the LORD. 
Our attitude show be when we are "dating," the question shouldn't be what can they do for me, but also what we can do for them.  It isn't total servitude we are seeking, but there should be a healthy balance of both - what our partner should do for us, but are they willing and able to serve our needs.  As I said before, men and women are created different.  Men have physical needs, women have emotional needs.  When we keep this type of thinking in our marriage, it has a good chance to survive.  That's the "love" me and my wife had when we were in the honeymoon stage.  We couldn't wait to serve each other and our needs, because it was a win-win situation.  It was a wonderful circle that somehow became broken.
Don't go into a relationship with a "what can they do for me" attitude.  Ask yourself, "is this a person I would like to be with and submit to his/her needs?"  If you can't answer a possible yes for both, then the relationship does not have a good chance of surviving.   Neither should the attitude be in a "test drive" mentality, for neither one can be ready for a commitment yet.  Also, there may be a situation where one person was already married but it did not work well, either.  Rule of thumb is how they left  their last relationship is how they will enter their next one.  This includes you.
Our mate is not here to serve us for our purpose alone, but we need to be willing to meet our spouses needs.  If you are not willing to have that view, only two stubborn mules can mate, and that is in the animal kingdom.  Marriage works when both partners are freely willing to meet our spouses needs.  A me first attitude only works when we are alone.

Jeremiah 6:16

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The fear of Being Bullied

I know this goes against the grain, but I need to get this off my chest, maybe if this message gets out to one person, or that one person this is directed to, maybe I can get free from feeling this way.

What happened over thirty years ago still affects me to this day.  Some days it brings me to my knees, other days things around distract me well enough where I can function normally.  In the "right" atmosphere, it doesn't matter your size or status in life, if that person comes along and finds that weakness in you, there are peers that will take advantage of you just for self-gratification in the attempts to destroy another's self-esteem.  It happens more in the latter years of school more than any other years, but it still happens in elementary years as well.

In my junior year of high school, I had a study hall class held in the room where concert band practiced after school, so this was a fairly large room.  Since it was big, it also housed many students as well.  Sitting in the back has its benefits, but in this class it was used against me.  And since years ago I had a run in with a teenage girl that brought embarrassment unto me, I did everything I could to not go against another teenage girl and the two boys who periodically joined in the fray. 

Her initials were PRN, and because of the proximity of last names, she sat right next to me.  (If anyone saw the character "Jade" on the show Victorious, she is a splitting image of her in the yearbook.  I also find her actions are eerily similar to other.)  From the very first class, she was ruthless, and when a couple of her friends moved by, their object was to continually put me down.  The only benefit of time here from those moments was I cannot remember the words they used against me, but the tactics still haunt me to this day.  I do not recall the boys names, and going through old photos in the school yearbook does not bring any results, although it is possible in my brain that it is blocking out what caused traumatic results to protect you.  But the effects of the bullying still resonates in my mind when things do not go well. 

From my perspective, kids that bully (I have seen adults who do the same) are ones who look for ways to destroy others just for fun.  Others may not have the joy at home they longed for, and they give that frustration out on others who have no part (and never will) in their walk.

Every day, which I had for the first semester Monday through Friday, was the hour I did not look for when I went to school, when the semester ended.  I dreaded every step I took to get this classroom and ran to the door when the bell rang.  I even tried dating a girl who was head over heels to me and the negativity that was poured out from these three kids came out from me.  I longed to be accepted but I also began to push my girlfriend at the time away.  I instinctively began to drive others away, especially those of the opposite sex, because I could not handle the rejection that I believe would eventually come.  I do not blame her for walking away.  If you are reading this HMH, I am truly sorry.  I hope you understand what I went through.

The damage done hurt me in the long run.  I tried dating once in my twenties, but the rejection that normally takes place took such hold in my heart that I took it too personally without understanding.why she turned me down.  It only grew worse when I became homeless and none of my relatives wanted anything to do with me.  Never at any time before dd I feel more ashamed of myself than that time.

I became so scared of women (and others who could have been my friend, for that matter) that it took me until I was almost 32 before I began dating again.  I stayed alone as much as I can in the Navy, and I even had to deal with bullying in the homeless shelter.  One person thought it was better to degrade me than improve himself, and he continued until the day he left.

It still has a hold in a portion of my heart in my marriage.  After twelve years, I thought having a wife by my side would make things easier.  Understand, with the children, they are different.   They haven't been placed in the position I was in, and I hope they never are going to be.  My wife went through her own path of looking for love and as woman, it is always different from a man's viewpoint.  Right now, it still hurts that every time I try to get close, or willing to do so, I feel I am about to get rejected all over again.  My esteem has never recovered.
  I wrote this out to let you, and others, know of the damage it has caused and the lasting effects that challenge even my walks in marriage.  Bullying seeks to destroy the very nature in mankind to be accepted and love (or me, respect) from another.  Sadly, so is the one doing the bullying. 

There are times where I prefer isolation than company.  In isolation, no one can hurt you, no one is there in attempt to take away in peace or joy you have left.  For someone who has not been able to shed those shoes, loneliness seems to be the only alternative to rid yourself of shame you feel when others put you down.  Loneliness leaves you with a choice of either avoiding the pain in exchange for finding love and acceptance that you seek.  It is a sacrifice many of us take.

I am writing this not in hatred for those who did this to me thirty-one years ago in that study hall, deep down I hope you have found Jesus and repented from these actions.  I truly hope you have seen this was wrong and there is love that you seek and not destruction in your hearts.  I refused to attend any school reunions because I hated high school.  I did not have many friends, and after graduation, they began to leave me for other things.  I do not wish to relive what I went through in those teenage years and not to be embarrassed years later in front of the same people.  I have even noticed some try to act like those times all over again.  My past I have attempted to keep in the rear view mirror, and NEVER want to see again, but it haunts me still. 

I forgive you, and I hope you seek, or have already done so, God's forgiveness.  For one day I hope this pain has no more hold on me, and maybe seeing God's grace with you will be the catalyst to freedom. 

Jeremiah 6:16