Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another good can of worms...

Word has spread quickly on Duck Dynasty and the removal of leader Phil Robertson from the A&E program.  As of now, there is no word on what will happen from here but the lines are drawing more distinct concerning the world vs. Christianity.  A&E would rather choose the 2% populous of those in the LGBT community and their coffers than the Christians who support the beliefs.  My quick take on this is I am hoping A&E will remove DD from their lineup and contract, allowing them to go somewhere and their fanbase to better places.  Then let A&E see how far the LGBT community and money will carry them.
The BIGGER dilemma is the aftermath of what is REALLY going on in America.  If those who choose morality speak up, it is quickly quashed bu the media and any liberal minded goon who runs it.  It is fine to mock Jesus, promote songs that bash Christianity, sing of sexual activities and drugs, but those who care are thoroughly silenced.  Free speech is no longer a promise concerning Christians who truly love the LORD, while those demanding tolerance are the ones who promote intolerance to those who believe are the most intolerant. 

How many believe it is fine to just allow the world to slowly take advantage of us?  The enemy knows that a full frontal assault will not work, but the Balaam process is much more effective approach, just do it little by little until the back is against the wall.  By then, there is no leverage left, and the only thing left for you to fight for is your life. 

Yes, in America it will happen.  We just don't look behind us and notice the little ground we have left, and we don't care right now. 

I believe Phil Robertson knew the cost when he spoke those words, and we are seeing it right now.  The liberal minority is demanding their way, and they are getting it.  All it takes is one or two to voice their opinion, and their cry is affecting the justice more than the morality we should be showing in the church.  Our costs seem to be more related to our jobs and materialism than Christ, and eventually our belongings will go, too.  Then what do we have?

Hitler put into motion of getting people to believe he was the Messiah, not literally, but for what the people were clamoring for, they would take anything, and they freely gave it up.  Hitler gladly took it, then found a good blame to pass the buck on for the reason Germany was in such a bad state - the Jews, God' people.  The reason why I bring it up is this is currently happening here in America, though not as subtle. 

We need to fight back before it is too late.  The cost today is a lot easier to lose than your life.  How long will YOU wait...or do you love Jesus less than you thought...

Jeremiah 6:16a

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Modern American Political Party

I am sick of power, or mainly, the abuse thereof.  Congress and the Executive Branch is so full of power that all they want to do is flaunts it and will do EVERYTHING it can to remain in power.  It truly does not care for the American people.
We have a President that does not like America, does not like the Constitution, and finds ways to circumvent the checks and balances in place to prevent abuse to occur.  His administration has hired many Islams, his promotion to protect this religion while claiming Christian, and later fighting against its foundation, is only a portion of what he is doing, and what he wants to eventually do.  He is still hoping that the rest of America will fall into place concerning his rule in the Affordable Care Act.  I believe he was hoping many Americans would remain ignorant for its devastation, and the poor that continually vote Democrat truly do not care, as long as they get their entitlements.  Little do they know they are the frog on the slowly heating water.  By the time they find out, it is too late to get out of the pot.

Religious freedom has been under attack for decades, but in the last few years, it has escalated.  Freedom From Religion in Madison WI, has been amping up its efforts to remove Christianity from US grounds.  It has not attacked ANY other religion base, especially since Obama's administration is filling up with Islamists.  You can promote Muslim religion is public schools but cannot even mention even the word prayer.  Where is the media when a Muslim school gets federal money and does their five times a day prayer, even during school hours? 
Ironic how zero tolerance is built up without the use of common sense.  In schools, you have a gun free zone, but you cannot have anyone near or protecting these schools.  Recently, a six year old boy kissed a girl on the cheek, and the school wanted to file sexual harassment against him.  Where is the reasoning?  Does a six year boy know sexual, or harassment?  The girl even said she didn't mind, but I guess that still constitutes she was harassed.
We have a government that cannot control spending, and they want more.
We have a government that runs Amtrak, it has not made a profit yet.
We have a government that runs loses billions each year.
We have a government that said it finally paid off GM.  It "bought it" with taxpayer money around $100 a share.  It sold it back around $30 a share (maybe). 
Nice profit.
I will never trust any part of government again.  I am not saying there isn't anyone IN government, I do know someone who once served in some governmental capacity, and he is a very nice man.  As far as the federal government, it is all about power.
The glorious indignation of Obamacare becoming law has some Democrats still glowing, and since they have been in power for their jurisdiction for many years, there is very little that can be done to remove them.  The same lies that have brought them to power will keep them in power, because of simple name recognition is enough to keep the votes coming.  Even the stupidity that has evaded their lips amazes me that they still have a position in Congress.
America has become such a selfish generation, and we have a government that keeps growing by the minute.  It continues to usurp its authority, find more authority, and pass laws that will either circumvent its own laws or create ways to prevent the same citizens that oppose them their rights against them.  NSA spying on all Americans, using their "right" as protection.  Their protection, not ours. 
There is a building that is nearing completion in southern Utah that will house enough computer memory capacity that can save every call, every text, every site and keystroke of every American for the next two years.  All for the sake of terrorist freedom, y'all.  And we have politicians that giving to terror organizations our taxpayer money, but say they are protecting our freedoms here.  The President just hired a man whose desire is to give up our international waters to the U.N.  Think about it, this will give any fisherman rights, oil company drilling platforms, and its productivity, to the U.N.
If this isn't a great way to kill the economy, what will?
Oh yeah, there is some common ways to do that as well.  One is to promote regulations galore for the benefit of "business and competition."  Is any normal citizen aware that when the President was reelected until his second inauguration, he proceeded to file almost 6,000 new regulations that are business killers?  Where did he get this unprecedented power?  He has elected several people during times he could not, the courts have ruled against him, yet, these people have not been removed and they are still collecting paychecks.  Congress has no balls to stand up and KEEP him into place, and he will continue to take MORE power.  He will not stop UNTIL he destroys the Great Satan, in which the Muslims call us. 
I can also add Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS-gate, and the ultimate destruction of Obamacare and no one stands up.  Congress acts like it is doing something but doesn't care that their claws were removed by the liberals who now entertain some of the seats.  They have allowed the gay rights committee and their money coffers to dilute any morality.  They have infiltrated the schools and demanded their views and rights be shoved down the throats of children, and teach them that anyone who are conservatives are the ones who wish to destroy the American foundation.  The Constitution is an old relic that has no place in today's modern America, and they want it removed as quickly as possible.  And will all this destruction happening from within, I believe with what Obama is doing is sufficient to keep the extreme Wahabbists from attacking in America.  They don't need to, as politicians, liberalism, and the socialism has slowly taken out the bricks from the walls of America.
I have no doubt that the end times is closer that people realize.  Once the American economy collapses, and it isn't improving.  When over 90% of the jobs created are part time, and the labor department uses it against the employment data.  Companies are now letting many people go or cutting hours to get around the health care law, which does bring something else (or two).
Does anyone remember that Muslims are exempt from the law?  Or that you would pay for services that you won't need.  A single man will need to pay for pregnancy needs, or even a woman who is well passed the ability to have a baby.  Nothing like a woman going in for a mandatory prostrate exam.
Lastly, doctors in California are dropping out of Cover California coverage, because many of them know the governments issues with payment they feel isn't necessary.  If the issues that go on in Canada, with the wait time for surgeries and even specialists is bad, we have seen nothing yet.
Barack Obama knows what he is doing, and he is finding ways to take freedoms, and anyone who atands by his side, wants to remain in power, regardless of where America is going to be, and that is America is the main thing that is keeping the New World Order from entering in. 
Are you prepared for the last days?

They are coming...

Jeremiah 6:16a

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why I Am Getting Turned Off By Church

When I dedicated my life to the LORD, I did not have a church.  Later, I began dating a woman and I started attending a church where her parents went.  After we went our separate ways (more like I couldn't handle it anymore), I was drawn to an Assemblies of God church in Duluth, MN, where I later met my wife at one of its Bible studies.  We left in 2005, as we moved to another city and began a new journey. 
I have attended a handful of churches since then, some getting into the supernatural extreme, others as dull as a rock (from my perspective).  The dilemma is that I have seen so many different walks, and the view being taught in many of these churches end up preaching a gospel that will neither examine their faith nor test their walk in the LORD.  I know my walk is crumbling away, and the problem is I see the neglect of teaching the true nature of sin.
I still remember a time where the pastor asked his congregation of the names of God, and most everyone said Nissi or Rapha.  How come no one mentions Him as Jealous (Exodus 34)? 
Churches has changed so much many pulpits afraid to offend their flock.  You don't want to seem harsh or unloving, do you?  No one seems to care if you are struggling to the point where someone is about to go off a spiritual cliff, and when they fall off, they wonder where they went, but later forget about it. 
Another issue is the birds of a feather mentality.  Everywhere you go there are cliques, and I understand that, but I believe it is worse with believers.  Before service and after, I do notice that the same people are with the same people.  Jesus usually talked about believers as brothers and sisters, not friends.  The last church we attended seemed more this way then anything else, especially those who were prominent in their place there.  Very rarely did we get to talk to any elders or the pastors, they were just too busy to "step down" to meet with other peons like myself. 
I come from a family where my father was gone before three because he was too busy spreading his seed among the world's women.  Currently, I cannot get my mother to call or talk to me on the phone, for some reason she acts like she is jealous I have another woman in my life.  As far as my sister and my cousins, we are not even close to speaking terms (my sister, once in a while).  My mother wouldn't even tell me of her cancer scare, and I live with fear everyday that she may avoid telling me something if it is wrong now.
Not everyone are step forward people when starting a conversation, including me.  I can be straight forward for many issues but if you are waiting for me to start talking to people, very rarely will that happen, including my wife.  (She loves to talk, so why bother be an instigator of conversation in my own house among adults)   I just see many churches are happy with the people they have, and many have no concern for others, as there is no more room for others in the inn.
If Jesus were walking the earth today, would He come to people like me, or others who are shy?  Would some even look outside their clique to get to know another, or are you satisfied with the group of "friends" you have now?  Do some pray who needs a friend, and if God picked you, are you willing to step outside the comfort zone?
I am saddened to watch one of my former churches change to the "good" mentality of the gospel that will never offend you.  I have been criticized for my strong stance against what I fear is not good for the church, and many of the "friends" we knew when we attended are no longer on speaking terms with us.  And this is the love we send IN church as well as OUT of the walls.
I haven't felt welcome at a church for the longest time, and because of our schedule, we can't attend most of the other functions with a church we have been there for the last two months.  I wish I was old enough to be during the older churches before all this supernatural chasing infiltrated many institutions.  How it should happen now.

Jeremiah 6:16a