Thursday, November 21, 2013

War on women OR is it war in MEN?

I downloaded a small book called "War on Men" on my kindle and, interestingly enough, it is written by a woman.  She makes very many points of what is going on today between genders, and it has been going on in the churches as well.
Somehow, society now teaches that women were "kept home" against their will and men were afraid of their abilities.  In times past, men went out to work, women were barefoot and pregnant cooking in the kitchen for "her man."  To be honest, I do understand in America there were things that kept women in place, namely they couldn't vote, they couldn't hold office, not even drive in the early 20th century.  This part I can agree with, but what began happening forever changed how women are being taught in public schools and colleges through liberal viewpoints.
First, we introduce Margaret Sanger, the founder of what is now called Planned Parenthood.  To summarize her, she believed women were being abused in the sexual arena by prpviding big families during the latter part of the 19th century and hated the idea of feeling tied down in marriage (though she was married three times herself, but the reasons are different for sure). 
She began writing articles initializing birth control, for the reason that women should be dictating birth rates.  She wanted women to control men in this matter - in the bedroom.  The beauty of this timing was around the same time that Susan Anthony and other women finally broke through on suffrage. 
Fast forward to the sixties.  Many have heard of the bra burnings that some did, and began the complete claim that women can do the same as men.  Through this, in conjunction with the sexual revolution, this brought the "freedom" women were told they needed to survive.  Today, liberal women are told men are needed in their lives, their career is the most important.  This was the paramount view that society will have on them to be successful.   Abortion rates climbed, as children were no longer sought as they were used to in years past.  If they were "planned," some were raised without parents.  Why should a women be a mother, when a family is no longer constituted as a success story?
Women are being told that men are needed as necessary for themselves.  Need sex, find a man for a spell.  Men are idiots and all they think about sex and sports (yes, tools, hunting and fishing, I agree) but they are now being taught at a young age to touch their feminine side.  Then when these same women are wondering where the tough men are that will treat them like women.  These same men they are looking for are avoiding them at all costs.  Why should they find these women, they will feel like nothing, only at any request of said women.
Even some will use misinformation to showcase their point.  I remember during one of the debates between Obama and Romney where a liberal women quoted an old website on the discrepencies of pay between genders.  Romney corrected her, and found out it was more closer than she thinks ($.96 to the $1 in pay for like positions), but did not mention the other discrepency.  In 2008, out of the millions of jobs lost, over 70% belonged to men   College genders percentages are currently 60/40, in favor of women, for those going for bachelor's degrees.  Those in managerial positions of major companies, the same ratio applies who hold these jobs and above.
And there is a war on women?  More like the war on men.
You can use discrimination if you are woman, race, and now sexual orientation.  Sadly, there is one group that cannot use this, and they are the white adult males.  (Yes, they have age discrimination, but this is difficult to prove, so I cannot include this.)  
Liberal women want families, but they cannot attract those males they want (unless it includes lots of money).  How can they have a successful family structure with a man?  Just get pregnant, and prove you can raise a child without a man.  Yes, some of them can be, but if they can do it without the commitment of marriage, then feminism proves man aren't needed in society.  Just use them to suit your needs.
Today, it has been the war on men disguised as the war on feminism.  Most men still want to work on cars, build things, play sports, do the manly things.  Schools are trying to find ways to dumb down boys and employ them to try what girls did in the past.  The church has allowed women into leadership, seeking the forbidden fruit that God did not want them to have.  Are men better suited for leadership?  In some ways, because men chose to think through logic and not by emotions.  God created women to be soul givers to the children, loving and raising them accordingly.  Men are the spiritual leaders and authority of their family.  With liberal women demanding that authority, there is no satisfaction for these woman to cede the authority God never chosen to have. 
Families are being destroyed.  Men are being attacked by women who said they are no longer needed except for sex, and they are then being called sex addicts.  Children are being born and raised without fathers at a rate of 40% today.  Look at our sad state in America...
Too bad mankind doesn't learn from history, it is too busy seeking to destroy what God creates.

Jeremiah 6:16a