Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Divided People of America

The internet, social media in particular, is now destroying America, in my personal opinion.  All you need to do is perform a deep research on how people feel on certain issues and you will see how divided we are.  The election and inauguration of President Donald Trump have exemplified and amplified the fractures in our freedoms for the last twenty years.
Many liberals, (especially the LGBTQ factions) have been making demands they want, regardless of the freedom of others in speech, religion, and media.  There were riots (no such as "peaceful when businesses are looted and cars set on fire) on the day of the inauguration, a Women March that had more to do with pro-choice and their hatred for Trump than women rights, and the current abyss in Congress with the continual movement of the left.
Conservative views, in general, have not changed drastically in the last fifty years or so, in my opinion.  The Western Church has been changing to meet the will of the culture which, in turn, has caused her to stray away from the firm apostles' creed and foundation of the Word.  While this has happened, it has weakened her influence on the culture around her.  Instead of her making her mark on the culture through holiness and repentance, she has taken in the world and watched the structure change to pragmatism and humanism.  Because of this, she does not possess the power to transform itself to holiness.  Thus, she has become more willing to conform to the culture for her pleasure than her willingness to bear her cross.
In my fifty plus years of being an American, they change from the 1970s to now is extraordinary.  I am ignoring the technological advances, our gain of knowledge in all areas.   I am specifically noting our view and our purposeful neglect of what our freedom truly stands for to the citizens of America.  
It is a real sad state of affairs when people take their right to protest and free speech, then use it to voice their views with intolerance and hatred.  I have seen vulgar language on both sides of the agenda.  I have even seen very disrespectful speech against the very genre of people who fought to defend that same right to speech.  It is ironic how Americans have used the freedom of speech to divide or even threaten others because of differences of beliefs, views, and religion.
Hypocrisy fills America's social media and airwaves.  UC-Berkeley was a scene of a riot recently, all was done in protest of free speech, in which Milo Yiannopoulos was going to speak.  Christians bakers who politely refused to bag a cake gets slammed with a six-figure lawsuit, while Ellen DeGeneres retakes an offer for Kim Burrell to appear on her show, for her speech against gay marriage at a church.  At this writing, there is a court fight over immigration about letting just "anyone" in through our borders yet, we lock our doors at night to protect what is close to us.  To top of the proverbial cake, we have sanctuary cities that break laws of immigration.  California (of course) is looking into being the first "sanctuary state" (IMHO, they already hold the distinction).
Individuals and groups have been making threats for special rights over others.  We have the hate crime, which only is used with a one-way mirror.  Marriage has been changed to accept the "pursuit of happiness."  The cry is not "finally, equality," it is if you get an inch, continue to go the mile.  Sadly, we see people and special groups use these freedoms for themselves.  Now that Donald Trump is the 45th President (only three weeks + in), people have taken their being upset to new levels.
We have the elements for a profane civil unrest.  Racism has risen exponentially, due to some elevating even the smallest of issues.  There are groups that supposedly promote one thing, while they look forward to following their true, hidden agenda.  The economy might be stable, but as long as our government continues its unsurmountable deficit spending, the experts believe it is inevitable.  
Many liberals are trying to stoke a fire they will realize later they don't want.  The abyss of political and social extremes grows wider by the day.  Others are willing to lie (or believe in a lie) to keep the ignorance against anyone that refuses to agree with their views.  They are more open to degrade the other side.  Social media has become a dessert lover's dream for those to desecrate anyone who they believe is intolerable to their mindset.  Hence, they keep digging a bigger ditch and blame the right for the gap.
America is in trouble - financially, politically, socially, and spiritually.  The Church needs to get right with God - and soon.  I cannot say if any major unrest will bring martial law or will it usher in the Great Tribulation.  The ingredients are there in the world.  The selfishness has infiltrated the Western Church.  We need to get on our knees.

Jeremiah 9:23-24




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